A Sugary Cynical FAQ

I suppose after a year of dicking around on the web, it was time to make one of these...

Q. What is this?

A. This is what started off as a spiteful attempt to prove I could devote time and attention to something for more than five minutes. It was also procrastination on a Shakespeare paper, which means I can totally get away with claiming my blog was inspired by Shakespeare (avoiding Shakespeare, yeah, but still...) Anyway, tl;dr, this is a blog mostly devoted to movie reviews, occasional movie news and the mildly psychotic incidentals of my fairly bizarre day to day life. Also, there are comics.

Q. Christ, you're long-winded. Who are you anyway?

A. Rude, much? I am Sugary Cynic, a college graduate by the grace of God/Sean Connery, and would-be sort-of writer. I am a nerd, geek and dork (VARIETY!) who loves movies with an unabashed passion that takes up way too much of my free time that isn't spent getting removed from Walmart for organizing a joust. I'm kind of weird.

Q. Well who's that other dude?

A. That other dude is the boydude, CleverEuphemism. He's a recent addition and the only person I know who is more of a smart-ass than me. He has a man crush on Tim Tebow and is soothed by cooking shows.

Q. What's the deal with Sean Connery?

A. You mean apart from him being the most bad-ass life form ever to exist on this planet and also my role model for life?

Q. Yeah but Chuck Norris-

A. Shut up.

Q. Do you have a store?

A. I wish. If you butt-monkeys would buy things from me, maybe I'll open one in the near future (because I totally haven't been saying that for the past six or seven months)

Q. How do you draw your comics?

A. On an old Tablet in Microsoft Paint, so with great frustration and annoyance at my lack of ability to own/use Photoshop

Q. How'd you get so awesome?

A. Time and practice. But mostly born that way.

Q. So...what's with your weird thing about Iron Man and Batman as a cou-


Your glorious leader

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