Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sugary Cynic Post-Grad Report

Oh my, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

Let's get up to speed, shall we?

I've been gone for oh so long but that's cuz I been busy!! I finished my finals, gradumacated, said my goodbyes, moved my stuff out for the last time, drove home and unpacked it all again, this time with the weird finality that comes with knowing I was never going back.

The highlights:

CE's b-day gift showed up THE DAY BEFORE GRADUATION. Jeez, way to cut it close postal system.

Yes, its a crocheted Dr. Manhattan plushie. And before you ask, yes, it IS anatomically correct. As if I would give anything otherwise.

Meanwhile I purchased my cap and gown-



Then there was the main graduation, which was boring as hell and I spent it murdering my tiny digital minions on Pocket God on Javi's Iphone. Oh, and wearing a pretty princess crown.

Doubt not the pretty princess crown

Then came our special nerd-centric graduation, where the student speaker was none other than our favorite comic-writing fangirl, who mentioned me personally by name in her speech cuz I'm awesome like that. And even though I opted not to sully the moment where I got my diploma and hugged my professor with my princess crown, I kept my other modification to my ensemble.

I only say it cuz it's true

Oh, and I (along with all three of my roommates) won Outstanding Thesis awards. Can I get a "hell yeah!"?


And then, finally, I left my room at the HC for the last time. It feels so weird, and scary, that's a given. I spent four years living in this place, learning and making friends and connections that will last a long, long time. It's scary as hell to be leaving all that behind. But it is exciting to start a new chapter of my life where I may make my own way in the world. But you don't care about that!


It's summer time and Sugary Cynicism is back to operating at full power! The return to everyday updates, movie reviews and general fangirling has begun! ...Tomorrow!

For now, here's a new banner quote. No cheating ;)

This is Sugary Cynic, back for good, but coming back different. 'Night!


  1. Hey, conGRADulations!

    And now that you've thrown your hat in the air, I shall quote "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" theme and tell you,

    "You're gonna make it after all!"

    - TGWD

  2. Congradulations!!!!!

  3. Um. SLC Punk? Only, I think it's succeeded by 'you fucking idiot',

    Yay, you graduated! You must report back here of the adult world and shit, because I've got to know now if college is worth it. Because if it is, I've got to start, like, doing homework and junk.


    Dr. Manhattan shows up whenever he damn well pleases.

    Is that Awesome gown really yours? I mean, for realsies?

    Have fun with your motherfucking summer, then. I'll just be here, doing the Special Bio Final and the Regular Bio Final, because apparently we can't graduate high school without two fucking science tests, and all the other finals, and worrying about the PSATs I forgot to take this year, and the ones I've got to take next year, and the plain ol' SATs, and everything else I've got cockblocking me from linguistic school or whatever, and the study of paradoxes, and whatever the fuck else I want to study, because FUCK YOU ESTABLISHMENT.

    Your thesis is award winning now. You should put that on a resume somewhere.

  4. TGWD: Thanks! Altho I feel disturbingly old in that I know what you're referencing XD

    Ameer: Thanks dude :D

    Simon: No, you got it. I liked it better as not the whole quote. I can tell you right now college was worth it for the whole experience. Even if it is a so-called safety net, its a useful primer for dealing with shit in the real world, and also now I have a pretty piece of paper that says I'm better than most people :D

    You'll ace the SAT, I'm sure, its pretty much bullshit anyway ;D in the meantime, FUCK YEAH, PUTTIN THAT SHIT ALL UP ON MY RESUME!!

  5. I can't handle that picture of you in the empty room! Too intense!

    CAN'T. DEAL. Shut it down.


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