Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spending My Time Wisely

As I fill in the gaps of time before graduating. Generally, I spend them waiting outside my professor's door doodling crap like this:

and also maybe this

I'd claim mental deterioration but I think we all know that I do this all the time anyway. Oh well. It's so weird you know? Packing my stuff up, taking apart my room for the last time. I mean, there will be grad school and stuff but there will never be another time like my time at the HC. Full of nerdy-ass socially awkward geeks. In other words, I was among my own kind.

Things I will miss about college:

Awesome professors I wish were my BFFs

Being nocturnal

Learning things I actually gave a shit about

Having a common room full of BALLOONS

Playing Indiana Jones with the moving bookshelves in the library

Having violent candy wars at Night Breakfast

Talent Shows

Power-hour rock band

Preview Day Rec field pillow fights

Showing up to class hung-over

the totally necessary 2am Walmart runs

mah fwiends

Things I will so not miss:

Asshole professors

fifteen page papers


math classes

Being nocturnal (it's a double-edged sword)

word counts

Norton Editions

the never-ending search for laundry quarters

getting locked out

morning classes

night classes

most classes

quiet hours

And now you know. This is Sugary Cynic saying "remember when I used to review movies...yeah"


  1. you've only just begun... it's a song methinks.


  2. *sniff* you guys are all leaving, and now it's like it really IS done, because I could always think about the rest of you guys still being at the HC and be all "yeah! I'm there in spirit and stuff!" but now you're all going all over the place and not in one convenient location for group updates and it's like now that chapter of the book really DOES have to close and I'm saaaaaaad.

    Also, HECK YEAH totally necessary 2am Walmart runs. COMPLETELY necessary!

  3. Now you can totally be BFFs with your teachers! It's not like they'll, like, grade you on your bowling skills.

    People still bowl, right? I haven't bowled since I was ten, but I get the feeling it's something people still kind of do.


  4. A: Hate the song but appreciate the sentiment

    Val: I know! :( in the meantime, get yo' ass down here for summer!!!!

    Simon: I would bowl with my American Lit professor...but not my Econ professor. NEVER (crazy-eyes)


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