Monday, May 2, 2011


Osama Bin Laden is dead less than twelve hours and we already got macros for it:

the internet, yo.

Don't ask me about it, don't give me your opinion, and yes, it is funny that it happened eight years to the day after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished." Also, even though it goes without saying, I feel, still God or whatever frickin deity bless the soldiers who give their lives and otherwise put themselves in the line of fire for the rest of us. Ten years of America's best and most courageous citizens fighting and dying apparently to get this guy. All right, that's it. No more Osama-talk. Anyone discussing it in the comments gets a wedgie. This goes double for The Royal Wedding.

Unless you talk about the hats.

In other, less globally noteworthy news, my thesis is due tomorrow/today :O and also, CleverEuphemism had his bday this weekend and has reached the ripe old age of 26. Wish the crotchety old man a happy b-day :D

I also got him an awesome birthday present that is currently lost in the mail >:( so I can't tell you guys what it is yet cuz I'm having too much with the fact that he hasn't figured it out and it is driving him insane...I'm kind of horrible that way.

Anyway, I have some last minute adjustments to make to my thesis and it's almost a quarter to two in the morning, so I must take my leave. Insanity to follow.




  2. This kid in my class led everyone in an acapella rendition of the Team America theme song.

  3. CE: I want to know how there's a video of him kicking down a door

    Simon: Classy :D


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