Sunday, May 8, 2011

Five Questions From The Kid

So instead of forging ahead in this brave new world of post-college living, I instead watched the gorgeously animated, bat-shit insane anime, FLCL (phonetically it's Fooly-Cooly, and no, I don't know why). It's balls-out crazy but in a really good, playful way as opposed to the OH-GOD-WHY-MY-BRAIN-PARTS-ARE-ON-FIRE way that anime can sometimes be. Also, the soundtrack is BITCHIN.

Oh yes, and Simon correctly guessed the banner quote from the punk-tastic movie, SLC Punk. People, step up your game or you will never beat her.

Anyway, I haven't seen Thor yet and didn't really have a set topic in mind when I sat down to write tonight's post, so when I saw cinemablogophile Kid In the Front Row's latest, five questions 'bout movie-watching things, I figured I would give it the best whirl my poor, academia-fried brain has to offer. I apologize in advance.

1. Has a film storyline or character ever inspired you to say or do something in your life that, otherwise, you wouldn't have said or done?

...Am I a bad person if I answer that Orson Welles in The Third Man inspires me to a magnificent bastard?

Hmmm, apparently so.

2. Artists die, but their work stays, as long as we keep viewing it. Why is the past important? Where do Chaplin, Capra and Hepburn fit into a world of iPhones and social networks?

I feel like this is kind of obvious, no? Without the past, we have nothing to build on. No billionth sequel to something happens without an original. Wow, that sounds depressing...ok, Chaplin and social networks. Well, I don't see how the two have to "fit together" or why they have to be separate. I'm a hip young person of today with a facebook and a fancy-ass phone dealie but I adore Chaplin though I'm honestly not much for Hepburn, the point is that yeah these guys from the past are legendary and inspirational but that's because they've stood the test of time. I'm sure even back in the silent movie days they had their Uwe Boll and Michael Bay equivalents (ok, picturing that makes me giggle) but we don't hear about them now cuz they sucked. Give it another fifty years and we'll be wondering how to fit together Aronofsky and magical hologram computers that turn into your favorite soft drink.

And what a glorious future it will be

3. What do you dislike most about movies?

It's stupid, but I absolutely cannot stand when trailers play constantly showing a scene from the movie that they hype like crazy and then IT'S NOT IN THE DAMN MOVIE. I get that things end up on the cutting room floor, but when you build your whole trailer around this OHMYGODSOCOOL moment or line and then it's not there when you see the movie, it's annoying! Besides that I'd say painfully obvious product placement drives me nuts.

4. Please sum up in only ONE word, what you are looking when you watch a film.

Dang, that's a toughie. Escape? Transcendence? Art? Beauty? Bale?

Definitely Bale

5. When you think of your love for movies, what one image comes to mind? (could be an image from a movie, could be a flashback of you as a kid eating popcorn, could be anything!)

And there you have it, with apologies to Mr. Front Row. Now if you excuse me I'm off to listen to more FLCL soundtrack. And also Michael Bolton, who is totes a pirate now. This is Sugary Cynic, still not yet properly tuned to real life. 'Night!

CE: "....So...I did something today that changes our relationship forever *pause* I ordered Heely's. So now, when together, we will be walking on different planes. FOREVER"

Me: "You actually ordered them? ....AND YOU DIDN'T GET ME A PAIR? INCONSIDERATE MUCH?"


  1. FLCL is phoneticized Fooly Cooly because of the Japanese pronunciation. In katakana, it would be フリクリ (fu-ri-ku-ri). In Japanese, everything breaks down to syllables instead of individual letters, which is why everything ends on a vowel! So, things like the word 'thing' don't even make sense. To combat this, the Japanese use things called "whispered vowels," where they say as little of the last vowel as possible (this is why internet becomes "intaneto" or FLCL becomes "fuliculi"). So actually saying Fooly Cooly is just really bad vowel whispering.

  2. I want...Maggie, a girl of the streets, Scott Pilgrim, David Bowie, and Conan O'Brian's version of Thor doing my math homework (which all works under the formula A=1/2h(b1+b2).

    You can replace Maggie with a pre-Code Scandinavian actress of your choosing.

    I dislike when a movie has a badass subplot they drop halfway through.

  3. Brandon!: Indeed you are wise :D

    Simon: Umm, I don't know who Maggie is, otherwise, I'm on the case!


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