Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Is This, I Don't Even-

Yah. Thesis sucks. A lot. I am going to blame the following on thesis. And Simon. Because she correctly guessed the banner quote as 500 Days of Summer. She asked for me doing...whatever it was I was doing in the post before this one, as well as something disparaging towards the tv show Glee. So it's her fault too.

And then this stuff happened:

...I think I'm gonna go lie down for awhile.

This is Sugary Cynic, not even bothering to ask anymore. 'Night!


  1. Hey! 3 movies I've actually seen and enjoyed. Now Glee? mmm ok yep I've seen a couple of episodes ok!


  2. This is so hilarious..:) Thanks for sharing.... :)

  3. I just need to watch more TV. Haven't even heard of this:) Boy, do I miss a lot!

  4. Are those 6 packs for real on him? Hmm is so I need to see this movie

  5. Hm...acceptable...for now...

    I'm. Still. Owed.

  6. A: glad to know I've finally managed to reach you lol

    Jorie: Thanks :D

    Mary: Eh, you're not missin much

    Yoga: They're real, and sexy (drool)

    Simon: ohgodpleasedontbreakmylegs


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