Monday, April 25, 2011

What Have You Done To Me?!

It appears I have a lost a follower and with it, the coveted triple digits. It's cool, I don't really care...*sniffle*...c'mon Cynic, don't let the internet see your tears...

Oh who am I kidding?

The Internet: Contributing to My Lowering Sense of Self-Worth Since Early Last Year

So...I finished editing my thesis!

There's still going to be secondary edits, and then the hell of getting it signed and bound (BOUND, for fucking reals) and then finals, and THEN, AND THEN-

I'm done.

And I will be free!! Free to watch movies with reckless abandon! Free to get a full-time job with which to pay for the watching of movies with reckless abandon! Free to have adventures and live life to the fullest!!

Yes. Exactly like that...Only without the torture and death. And more lying around in my pajamas!

Like that

Also more time to actually network and junk so as to accrue more followers for my blogamajig. *Gazes sadly at the sidebar*


Be strong.

*lip quiver*



I'm ok now. Mostly. Ish. Here's another silly picture of Li'l Cynic infringing on reality:

Gettin' into all kinds of mischief

Huh, so this kinda turned into one of my old-style rambling-about-nothing posts. Better than no post, right? Right??

This is Sugary Cynic, saying "Your face is insecure!" 'Night!

(The most nerdy and horrible text conversation)

CE: "Check my facebook"

Me: "It says you're in a domestic partnership with...Riker from Star Trek?! You slut!

CE: ":((("

Me: "He's got like, space herpes!"


Me: "Denial"

CE: "You're mean"

Me: "I'm mean cuz I'm trying to protect you from intergalactic crotch lice?"

CE: "...STFU"

He's apparently very sensitive about his relationship with Riker...


  1. Sugary,
    Thanks fir the laugh I need that : ) You'll get more followers I promise.
    : )

  2. Lose one, gain two! They will come. Just be patient:)

  3. I know exactly how you feel; it feels personal, doesn't it? I get that way whenever I lose any followers like that. People are like that; just know that the followers you have make up for the followers you lose - they're loyal and will stay with you.

    And as Mary said, you'll get more followers...come on, a blogger like you? Nothin' to it!

    And congratulations on editing your thesis! Good luck on it!


    PS: If I could follow you twice, I would. ;)

  4. WTF are you whining about, you have 103 followers!

  5. Whoever stopped following you probably died. Way to go. Yelling at a dead guy.

    And YAY no more thesis shit! Maybe now you'll have time to watch Misfits like you said you would a million times and I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN.

    You need me around. How else would you remember important stuff like this?

  6. Don't be sad, you are up to 103 followers now! :3

  7. Jessica: I aim for laughs, so that does make me feel better

    Mary: Yeah, yeah, Miss Bloggers Front Page :p (thanks tho, for reals lol)

    TGWD: :D you are the cooliest. And your posts routinely make me spray whatever liquid I happen to be imbibing at the time

    Abbie: in the Networked Blogs maybe, but I only have 99 now in Google followers!, I do sound like an idiot.

    Simon: One can only hope and I will totes watch the shit out of the misfits.

    Katherine: I ain't sad no mo', people are too awesome for me to be

  8. I'm following you, Cynic. You don't need anybody else...


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