Monday, April 18, 2011

This Is An Automated Message From Your Emegergency OHSHIT System

Sugary Cynicism is officially going Code Irregular Updates until phase "OHMIGD FINALS AND LAST THESIS DRAFT AND PAPERS WHYGODWHY" is at an end. Please be patient with us, because Senior year is a difficult time for us all. And also because if you are not patient with us, we will maul your face like an angry bear awoken during hibernation by being poked in the crotch with a sharp stick.

Thank you for you time.


  1. Meanwhile, I'm on Spring Break. Do kindly suck it.

  2. How coincidental...I was awoken by a bear poking me in the crotch this morning.

  3. Simon: :'(

    Abbie: I am not one to question your lifestyle


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