Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Panda's Snow Frolic!

Ain't they the cutest?

Oh, you didn't know? This blog is henceforth devoted to Red Pandas and Red Pandas only.

Have a Red Panda Day!


  1. Readership suddenly skyrockets, furry-devoted websites offer large paychecks for advertising space, and Red Pandas 4 Ever becomes the permanent name of the site as you weep the tears of a sellout while wiping your eyes with 100 dollar bills.

  2. Listen.

    I would read that blog.

    So hard.

  3. aww I want one! I want to hold it and hug it and love it.


  4. aawwwhhh, they are adorable! I want to get one and make it a pet! I'll keep it in the house and it can keep me company:)

  5. There is something wrong with all of you. BUT WHO CARES WHEN THERE ARE RED PANDAS OHMYGODIWANTTWELVE!!!


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