Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Hurr Tonight, Over Thurr Instead

Hmm...I smell like coffee and desperation, have a losing raffle ticket, got into a candy-flinging fight, drew on a table, dumped more candy down someone's pants and have sticky elbows from accidentally leaning in syrup.

It must be Night Breakfast time again.

Anyway, I ain't here tonight, I'm over at If I Had A Blog, showcasin' my "artistic talents" with The Widow Lady. Insanity abounds. Go check it out!! NOW.

That's it for here. For realsies.

Ok, fine:

Nothin gets me in the mood for the weekend like Voldemort and Rebecca Black

Now shoo!

(At the night breakfast)

Me: "Gimmee Ashley's phone or I'll pour these Nerds down your shirt!"

Chris: "I dare you!"

Me: *pours the box of candy down the back of his shirt*

Chris: "AGh! What...why...I can't move my back or it'll-" *leans forward* "AAAAHHH, THEY'RE ALL FALLING INTO MY PANTS"


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