Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Most Serious Face

So, you ever have one of those conversations that started out fairly innocent and then got incredibly weird just a bit too fast? And it was mostly your fault?

Just me?

Oh well. Here's what happened:

(Also, just some quick background knowledge for those not familiar with The Game)

There is something terribly wrong with me. The only way this differs from reality is that Sacha was slightly less terrified of me. And my hair is not pink. Sadness.


This is Sugary Cynic, makin her Serious Thrusting Face. 'Night!


  1. I can picture this REALLY WELL. And I was about to go to bed, too. :[[[[[[[

  2. Hell hath no fury as a Sugary "Serious Face". ;)

  3. its ok Sacha she used to torture me like that too except with fight club references :)

  4. I must go into therapy now...the Sugary Serious face is my PTSD nightmare!

  5. There is a continuality error here.

    You appear from out of frame, only to be online, only to be wedged into the initial frame. How did you get there?!

    Also, I thought that face was only for me. Way to do your mating ritual FOR LIKE THE WHOLE SCHOOL.

  6. I will savor this moment, for I made it onto the blog.

    And now I will savor this because that was a fantastic dinner conversation.

  7. I want my picture (which is on back order after the other one you're duly ignoring...) to be of you doing...uh...whatever that is...

    Also, incorporate how annoying Glee is.

  8. Thomas: Mwaahahaha!!

    Unwashed: It most certainly is indeed

    Ron: Before Satan goes to sleep, he checks under the bed to make sure Im not there thrusting and making my serious face

    Ameer: We dont talk about that

    Lisa: I refer you to my previous mwahahahaha!!

    CE: yes, because my comics are just SO INVESTED in continuity :p

    Rachael: SAVOR ITTTT

    Simon: yeaaah, that first pic...look little-big-planet sack people are fricking impossible to draw, its not happening. Glee-hate I can do.


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