Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am in the throes of thesis revision. This is a good thing because it means I'm that much closer to being done with my thesis and having a life again. This is a bad thing because OH MY SWEET CONNERYJESUS THESIS REVISIONS ARE THE MOST BORING TEDIOUS THINGS EVAR!

So, nothing awe-inspiring to state tonight, here's this thing, it would amuse me if you decided to caption it:

I have no words for how amazing this shit is. So please make words for me.

Also, I got dragged to the school's Spring Formal by my roommate on pain of death because I've never bothered to go. This year they were all fancy and got us a ballroom thingy in a hotel with limos and such, which is rather a large change from last year, which was a large tent in the middle of the rec field.

Hooray for appropriate use of student fees! (And also ridin in a limo and feelin like a boss)

Anyway, if I have to be miserable (ie, in a dress, heels and make-up) I intend to drag all others in my vicinity down with me. So CleverEuphemism came along too, because he got all excited about having an excuse for dressing up fancy. He enjoys dressing up fancy almost as much as he enjoys forcing me to ride It's A Small World at Disney.

We were some fancy-ass mofo's.

...I might have had fun. Just a little bit. Tiny, almost immeasurably small increments of fun.

And that's all there is to report. Except the pile of crap that needs to get done before I graduate, but God knows you guys must be sick of hearing about it.


see you guys soon, after I climb out from this mountain of paper-esque materials. 'Night!

(At Formal, Jasmine wore a rather revealing dress)

Jasmine: "I feel like my boobs are kinda exposed"

Me: "Whoah! Check out your boobs!"

Jasmine: "D:< SHUT-UP, I don't think the whole line of people heard you"

Me: "You mean heard me talking about JASMINE'S AWESOME BOOBS?!"

Jasmine: "I hate you"

Me: "I am going to form an exploratory committee to check out those boobs"


  1. As a representative of the whole line: We totally heard. And then started discussing them among ourselves.

  2. Yet always remember: once you leave college, the chances of you having to write a bitch-ass fifty-ba-fucking-jillion-page (I assume that's a legit and accurate number) paper are, like, 30%, right? Right?


  3. Thomas: as you well you should. Her boobs were nigh epic

    Simon: One can only hope...

  4. Good luck on your thesis...glad you got out to have a little fun...and feel bossish! Is that a word? I dunno! lol.


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