Thursday, April 14, 2011

Light At the End of the Tunnel

I sees it. Friday is my symposium presentation and I am so nervous about it I don't just have mere butterflies in my stomach, I got Mothra all up in this bitch.

Less fun than it sounds

But I do get to dress all fancified and this too:

Why yes, that is a Batman t-shirt I get to wear. Gotta rep the comic books, yo...also I don't have a Watchmen t-shirt :(

Also, this means I'm almost done with my accursed thesis and senior year! ...wait, that means I'm that much closer to the real world, doesn't it? O.O

(huddles in a fetal position and breathes into a brown bag for a little while)

Ok, I'm better. Anyway, a couple things: 1. I finally hit 100 followers!!! Thanks to the rather ominously named Dr. Blood for putting me over the top! So yeah, combined I gots (counts on fingers...counts on up) 404 followers! Holy shit that's a lot!

Overlap! You keep forgetting your different outlets have a lot of the same peo-

You shut up now and let me enjoy this!! I DON'T ENJOY MUCH!

Fine, fine, whatever. Loser.

You're just jealous because you're not me.

...waittaminute that doesn't-

Moving on! I have what will hopefully be a new running dealie on the blog, I made a Formspring! For those who live in cold bastions of nontechnologicalness, Formspring is a site where you ask the person anonymous random questions about whatever and they answer it. I has one now. Feel free to participate in what I'm calling "Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Bitchy Answer" silliest and most intriguing questions will be posted on the blog.

Get to it!

Other stuff: Remember over the summer when I got all fangirly over the incredibly awesome and terrifying new take on Mortal Kombat?

Now it's a web series called Mortal Kombat: Legacy. And here's the crazy part. It's GOOD. Really good. And still has Michael Jai White in it as Jacks! :D

There's only one episode yet, but it seems very promising to an MK nerd like myself:

For all of you who don't care or have never heard of Mortal Kombat...screw you. This is my blog.

Anywhoo, I gotta get back to polishin' up my presentation for Friday. In the meantime, please enjoy this thing that I only recently discovered. Sean Connery was in Macbeth!

He can be my thane of Cawdor anytime.

This is Sugary Cynic, waiting for more questions about Batman. 'Night!

Travis: "So does your thesis have a sexy title?"

Me: "I dunno, it's called 'Fearful Symmetry: Using William Blake to Contextualize Alan Moore's Watchmen'"

Travis and Kristina: "Ooh! Sexy!"

Me: "...I guess the phrase 'fearful symmetry' is kinda sexy"

Kristina: "And contextualize! That's a very sexy word"


  1. Which is the funniest handicap to make fun of?

    (Am I doing this right?)

  2. I asked four. One of them is part of my homework, so it'd be super cool if you could get them answered before tomorrow...

  3. CE: No you're not :p

    Simon: Though I am very late in replying here, I answered all of them in a timely and responsible manner. Go me.

    Simon M: It actually did :D


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