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Frost/Nixon and Anime Jesus (Don't Think About It Too Hard)

Guys, guys, guys!! You know how I have this tendency to discover horribly fascinating things in random places? Well, it happened again. What's it this time? You may ask...or maybe not, maybe you're thinking about Jeff Bridges dressed as a cheerleader. In which case you're kind of weird. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, the Manga Bible.

Large repository of all things manga? No. Japanese representation of Jesus complete with requisite "anime eyes"? YES.

Seriously, it's a bible, in MANGA FORM. This is a thing. Am I the only one who is mildly unsettled? If so, let me bring it on home for ya:

It's manga-tized Adam and Eve, and they are having funny feelings after taking a bit of the ol' apple

And if that wasn't enough for you weirdos, here's one last picture for the road:

I'm not terribly religious, so I wouldn't know, but is there a context for this? A reasoning behind it? Or did someone just really wanna draw yaoi Jesus fanfiction? If so, I don't wanna know more.

So yeah, the Manga Bible, for the discerning young Japanophile who wants to learn about Jesus without all those pesky words getting in the way. In other news, I finally (maybe sort of kind of mostly at CE's insistence) watched Frost/Nixon.

Michael Sheen's haircut's gonna get the scoop on Nixon!

So, why was I reluctant to watch Frost/Nixon? Well, I like a brainy movie as much as anyone else, and I am willing to sit through and even enjoy movies where "nothing happens *coughLostInTranslationYouDamnPhilistinescough* but a movie about two guys talking that's about politics? Not so much. it may be a sad fact about today's youth and such, but I'm more familiar with Futurama head-in-a-jar Nixon than the real one.

I'm just going to assume real Nixon was pretty much the same

But, CE was right (don't tell him, his ego is big enough as it is), and Frost/Nixon is the most engaging, fascinating movie of two dudes talking about politics and whatnot. So there. The movie depicts the true story of Nixon resigning in shame and all that Watergate business but not admitting anything and just generally being all Nixon-like. Much like how Morgan Freeman was pretty much made to be Nelson Mandella,Frank Langella was born to be Nixon. All other movie or TV versions of Nixon I've ever seen have been parodies, even when they weren't meant to be. Dunno why. But Langella's Nixon is a real guy. Unpleasant, defeated, and generally sort of hulking but sympathetic, almost sort of pathetic, really. He's a man who made some bad decisions, had stubborn pride and let both get the best of him. Langella really brings life and realism to a role that has in the past just been a cartoon caricature.

I'm looking at you, Watchmen Nixon

Anyway, Nixon may be great but that doesn't matter too much if the Frost half of Frost/Nixon isn't up to par. The other half of the slashie-thingie is David Frost, a British talk show host who everyone underestimated because, well because he was a British talk show host. Frost decides to interview Nixon practically on a whim, but as serious Nixon-haters like James Reston Jr, played by Sam Rockwell, become involved, it goes way beyond a simple interview to getting Nixon to admit his guilt and culpability in lying to a nation. Michael Sheen, who I've only ever seen in 30 Rock as the English prat Wesley Snipes, brings his A-game as David Frost.

And more importantly, his 70's hair

Frost oscillates from wildly confident to horribly uncertain, to painfully outclassed to and back to confident again. Sheen plays Frost like a man possessed, he goes from a happy life as a minor celebrity to a place where the stakes are high and everything is on the line: his reputation, his career, Watergate, not to mention a veritable ass-ton of money. Frost bears the stress of it all while trying to keep up with cagey ol' Tricky Dick.

And yet his hair remains unflappable

The interview scenes are tense and even though you pretty much know what's going to happen, the characters are so invested in the outcome and that soon, without warning, you are too.

The bizarrely awkward sexual tension doesn't hurt either

So in the end, it's a story of a plucky, yuppy little British David taking on a tired, broken, but still quite formidable Goliath. It's a battle of wills and wits that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat despite the fact that not once does something blow up. Frost/Nixon chats up four and a half catapults out of five.

This is Sugary Cynic, asking hard-hitting questions but sadly lacking in helmet hair.

PS. New banner quote that Simon already correctly identified as 500 Days of Summer and I still never drew her the picture from the last quote cuz I been so busy please don't hate meeeeee! ...That is all.

Nixon: (after being told that one of the interview segments will be about "Nixon the man") "Nixon the man? As opposed to what? Nixon the horse?"


  1. context:

  2. Yeah, that happens. You see, the Bible teaches that it's only okay for a boy to kiss a boy if it's to show somebody the right dude to murder.

  3. In response to Noli, the Bible is not making any comment on the kiss, except to show the depth of Judas' portrayal. Remember, this is the Middle East - was (and still is) common to greet with a kiss on the cheek.

  4. Classic scene where Nixon asks Frost whether he fornicated the night before, just as the cameras go live... "Tricky" wasn't just a word when it came to Nixon, he lived it...Great flick and your usual great review...:)

  5. Judas kiss is when Judas kissed Jesus to tell the coppers who was, uh, Jesus. In modern terminology, it means a gesture that seems friendly, but is actually hurting you.

  6. I'm not in the slightest bit religious, but a manga Bible is cool.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah manga jesus

  8. Anon: Thanks for the info

    Noli: Apparently murder mackin' is a-ok lol

    beneaththetangles: As I have gathered. But still, murder mackin' is a good pun, you gotta admit.

    Paul: I loved that line, it was just so out of the frickin blue. Langella was brilliant as Nixon.

    Simon: Ok, so I'm apparently the only one who didnt know this XD

    Chris: It is FASCINATING

    Abbie: Told you it'd make you laugh :p


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