Tuesday, April 19, 2011



I am so over this whole school dealie. I'm not even that afraid of the real world anymore (that's a lie) because right now I just wanna finish and be done with it. Also I am going to find a way to draw flames on my graduation gown >:D

In the meantime, instead of doing work, I'm having fun doing crap like this:

Seriously, I wanna do like, a billion of these. Anyone want a picture of them with their cartoony counterpart? I require some form of compensation, including but not limited to candy, linkage and Sean Connery memorabilia

Anyway, some time ago I asked you guys to ask me silly questions on Formspring. You succeeded in making me giggle a bit and here were some of my favorite questions paired with my bitchy witty answers:

Q. Florida: Hot or Motherfucking Hot?

A. Motherfucking balls hot, yo

Q. Alors...ca va?

A. eh, comme ci, comme ca

Q. What is love

A. baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more

Q. Think you could introduce me to Batman?

A. Only if you bring some taffy. Batman ADORES taffy.

Q. Momma, where do blogs come from?

A. well, when a man or woman loves the internet very much and doesn't have a large circle of friends, they decide for some reason that their opinions matter and are interesting to others.

Q. Do you like my penis?

A. No. Not even a little bit.

And there you have it. I now return to my lair of papers and occasional weeping. Ok, maybe more than occasional. This is Sugary Cynic, and I have run out of witty rejoinders. 'Night!

In lieu of a funny quote, here is the most disturbing thing I have seen in quite some time:

There are literally dozens of these commercials. And they are all HORRIFIYING.


  1. lol funny vid and answers especially the where do blogs come from.

    LOL A

  2. I can't stop watching the mameshibas!!!! something about that music whenever the beans speak is just so hypnotic. i must listen to the random facts that only correspond to what's happening about 60% of the time!!!!

  3. Did you know hippos sweat is pink? That's what the black bean said!!! Is this general knowledge the Japanese style? And would be any the poorer without knowing stuff like this???? :)))

  4. haha love the questions and answers...I needed some humor today, thanks :)

  5. A: I aim to please :p thanks!

    Javi: Srsly. Shit's weirdly addictive.

    Corinne: LOL! It just raises so many questions... XD

    Jessica: Happy to oblige :D

  6. The real world is awful, avoid it.

    Formspring, also, what the hell? That place is insane.

  7. Kid: I think I thrive on insanity

    Simon: ...eh?

  8. erm, picture with cartoony counterpart? I might need one. no, I definitely do. been a while since my cartoony counterpart was up to any mischief and whatnot lol. Also, mameshiba...it's not even that accurate...and why is Japan giving kids more reason to not want to eat vegetables? 0.o

    also, in regard to a future post: FRICKIN LIMOS??? IN A HOTEL BALLROOM??? FRICKIN FRICK! (I=insanely jealous, in case you couldn't tell)


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