Thursday, March 3, 2011


Here's hoping that fulfills your daily dose of adorable.

And now, thesis. After that, SPRING BREAK :D

Until then, sleepy time will have to wait :(

Cartoon sleepy time is not as good as the real thing but what're you gonna do?

ps. Watched King's Speech, verdict: Britishly ADORABLE. That is all.


  1. Best wishes for a great finish on the thesis kiddo! And do get some rest :)

  2. Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo!

    If I did, indeed, win quotes, then I want my picture to be whatever the hell Clevereuphenism was on about in the comments last post. Something about paper bags. It sounded beautiful.

  3. i fell asleep at 8pm tonight only to wake up at 10pm wide awake and going WTF??????

  4. Is that a marker or a fake mustache on the desk? lol

  5. Ron: Thanks! I'm tryin!

    Chris: I'm apt at summary, clearly.

    Simon: Nooooo! He picked it because I did something like it that was time-consuming and awful and I told him I never wanted to do it again. YOU ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO HIS HANDS! ...but I might do it anyway, cuz it's you :p

    Morose: Ah, those nights suck the most

    Ameer: Why can't it be both?


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