Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ok, so there was going to be a movie review here, but it is late and I am sleepy and I just read something far more important: Internet rumors abound that some Serbian dude is making a movie based on the life and times of everyone's favorite Scientist That Was Played By David Bowie: Nikola Tesla.

A narrow field, admittedly, but no less prestigious

Anyway, here's the kicker. The biggie rumor is that Christian Bale has been approached for the part of Tesla and who has been in talks to play his great arch-rival, the fiendish and brilliant Thomas Edison? Nicolas Cage.

For reals. I am not making this up. Never have I so badly wanted/not wanted a movie to come to fruition. I mean, this would probably be awful, but also amazingly hilarious. Actually...it would probably look something like this:

Only time will tell. That and how much money Nic Cage still owes the IRS. This is Sugary Cynic, adjusting her Tesla fanfiction accordingly. 'Night!

(As Javi trawled ebay looking for Girl Scout cookies now that selling season is over)

Javi: "Hey, this guy's selling twelve boxes of Thin Mints for only forty-two dollars!"

Me: >_<

Javi: "What?"

Me: "Javi, do you NEED twelve boxes of Thin Mints?"

Javi: "...maybe"

Me: (glare)

Javi: *sigh* "No"

Me: "Close the page"

Javi: "But maybe-"



  1. Now they just need to get Sean Connery in there and it'll be your perfect movie.

  2. Okay, as much as this whole post geekgasms me, Ralph Fiennes looks so much more like my beloved Tesla. Make a note of it, Serbian guy.

    I am seeing this. Holy shit, am I seeing this.

  3. Unwashed: Pretty much

    Simon: ....Pretty much


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