Wednesday, March 16, 2011

(Shifty Eyes)

Pardon the dust...In the meantime, here are some things:

This "news report" is hilarious for so many many reasons:

I am easily amused by farts. And so are these people:

Possibly the most easily amused baby ever:

And finally, because everyone else has talked about and also because it's pretty catchy:

Maybe in a few days my schedule will be less stupid.


  1. Loved them all! But the 'baby' one had me LMAO!!! Charlie Sheen's video was pretty great as do they do that?
    Then, of course, the 1st one. Surely, they didn't actually us a board bear for a newscast??? Incredible!

  2. They are awesome! I loved the baby one too!! It had me in!

  3. Mary: That baby kills me

    Nelieta: Seriously, who doesn't love that baby?

    Simon: Maybe you.


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