Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nope, Just As Bad As Yesterday

Possibly even worse. I actually had a really funny, excellent post planned out. Then paper and thesis had to come in and be all like "ha! Doing something outside of classwork? FAT CHANCE, BITCH"

You have no idea how happy it makes me that there are thesis lolcats

So yeah, there goes another post down the crapper. Tomorrow for sure. Cuz this story is funny and I wanna tell you about it, dammit. In the meantime, here's something disturbed from awhile ago that I have been waiting til a time like this to share with you:

This is become a way too frequent theme around here...

And yes, his Iron Man costume is easily the worst thing ever created in this world. That children, is what happens when we have no internet and doodle without reference.

Anyway, yeah, life sucks until I graduate and then for one brief shining moment it is good. And then the reality of the real world sets in and it will go right back to sucking. Wheeee.

Ashley: "Man, I really want a grilled cheese sandwich"

Me: "Funny you say that. By the baseball stadium there was this promotion thing. A Land O Lakes truck was giving away free grilled cheese"

Ashley: "'re lying"

Me: "Why would I lie about that?"

Ashley: "Free grilled cheese out of a truck?!"

Me: "It's true!"

Ashley: (getting increasingly agitated) "Why would you lie to me?! WHY WOULD LIIIIEEEE?!!!"

Me: "Calm down! I'm not lying!"

Ashley: "Lewis was there!! I'm gonna call him and prove you're a HORRIBLE LYING PERSON!!"

(she calls Lewis)

Ashley: "Yeah, and? ...No. NO. NOO! NOOO!! YOU'RE LYING! WHY ARE YOU BOTH LYING TO ME?!?!"





  1. TEH LOLZ... at the grilled cheese thingie.

  2. She needs to chill! Really, it's just a sandwich:)

  3. heh heh heh

  4. Depends on the cheese... A nice ripe bleu doux with rocket on a baguette: great! Some rubbery cheddar from the back of a truck; forgeddaboutit...

  5. Better off. I've got a shitload of homework too. So thanks, dear, for adjusting to my schedule, as I know you were totally doing.

  6. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are easily one of the finest culinary creations ever devised!

    You can use $78 worth of imported, top shelf ingredients, or you can go with 8 cents worth of government processed cheese food and generic Wonder Bread (real Wonder Bread destroys price point...) Either way you've got a meal! (beverage not included).

  7. your antecdote amuses me. muchly so.

  8. Lewis: Yah, srsly

    Mary: Sometimes its just easier to let her get it out of her system...this was not one of those times.


    Simon M: I don't think she differentiates

    Simon: I do it all for you, kiddo :p

    Paul F.: Maybe you and Ashley should be friends :p

    Teppy: I aim to amuse


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