Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer: Sadly Lacking In Abraham Lincoln

Ok, so I hadn't really planned on seeing this but Rango was my choice and The Lincoln Lawyer was Clever Euphemism's. It's about a defense lawyer who works out of his flashy ride and stars Matthew McConaughey and...

(looks left)

(looks right)

(closes the door and locks it)

(Sweeps the room for electronic listening devices)

He's pretty good in it.

No, don't leave! Let me explain!

Ok, so the movie centers on McConaughey's character, Mick Haller, a defense lawyer of requisite sleaze who has a gift for spinning clients, trials and life in his favor. Mick is a manipulator and a bit of a dirtbag and he knows and loves it. But, to make sure that the audience doesn't find him a total ass-hat, he has just enough redeeming qualities to be likable: he is divorced (his wife is a prosecutor played by Melissa Tomei) but they are on friendly terms (occasionally with their crotches) and he has a daughter who's life he plays an active, positive role in. So he's not a total butt.

Unlike Matthew McConaughey

So Mick thinks he's hit the motherload when he acquires a wealthy client named Louis Roulet, played by the poutily adorable Ryan Phillippe. A young prostitute claims he beat the living snot out of her and he says she's full of crap and wants his money. And it looks like he's totally right. Easiest case ever.

"We'll be done with plenty of time to catch some waves, brah"

But of course, it's not that simple, and little by little cracks begin to appear in Louis's "bitch set me up story" and before you know it, little Blondie McPoutypants is in full-on psycho mode. And because of whatever legal system nonsense I didn't bother to listen to, Mick is stuck, trapped defending our little blonde murder-monkey.

The sneer of evil!

Meanwhile, supporting role-peoples like Bryan Cranston, Michael Pare (yes, Streets of Fire, leather-daddy fighting Michael Pare) and John Leguizamo all do good work. But William H. Macy stands out as Mick's private investigator/BFF

If for nothing else than his glorious mane of hair and Wilfred Brimley 'stache

So shit gets real, pals get popped and Roulet gets scarier and scarier and then halfway through the film turns into a courtroom drama and the thing that ties it together and makes or breaks it is Mick Haller and how we feel about him and shit guys, McConaughey brings it. He exudes this slimeball sort of charm but also genuine love and care for his kid and his friends. For once it felt like I was watching this lawyer dude try to weasel his way out of the mess he was trapped in and not like I was just watching Matthew McConuaghey act like a twat for two hours. The movie has a couple of decent-ish twists and while it doesn't bring anything new to the lawyer movie genre, it still manages to acquit itself in fine style, and with a pretty decent soundtrack as well. I was impressed.

So, yeah. Go McConaughey, never thought I'd see the day. So even though you might be planning on giving it a miss, check out the Lincoln Lawyer, it's a good crime thriller with a good cast and a decent story that doesn't require you to lower your expectations. It doesn't drag, it keeps you hooked and it's surprisingly fun to watch McConaughey and Phillippe face off against each other.

"Yeah, that's right, brah, I can pout too"

The Lincoln Lawyer runs over three shirtless McConaugheys out of five. (And holy of holies, he does actually manage to keep his shirt on the whole movie)

This is Sugary Cynic, planning to do all her blogging from her car now. 'Night!

Earl: (Mick's driver) "Hey, so, once you get your license back, could I stick around? Maybe make this a permanent thing?"

Mick: "Earl, I got my license back three months ago"


  1. I was going to watch this, this weekend and I lost the flip of the coin to the boys and we opted for Battle something Los Angeles, oh yeah you can tell how impressed I was. Good Review it's still on my one to watch list so I'm looking forward to it even more now.

  2. McConaughey's in a film poster and not leaning comically against something in a wry 'what are we going to do about this romantic situation' sort of way. That's a winner.

  3. How dareth Ryan Phillipe make Lisa P. suffer! HOW DARE HE!

    Is the part from the end of the first trailer, where Phillipe and McConaface face/off by staring at each other for five minutes as hilarious as it seems?

  4. SJ: Def check it out. I can guarantee that it is better than Battlefield: Suck. For realsies

    Chris: Just know your comment brightened my day

    Simon: Surprisingly, in the context of the film, it is only slightly silly


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