Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indiana Jones And The Well-Deserved Bitch Slap

Fucking Florida.

It is the beginning of March, and at 9:30am, my t-shirt is stuck to my back with sweat. Some of you are still struggling with the ice and snow, just remember: the grass is always greener on the other side.

Or it would be, if the heat hadn't dried it all up

So anyway, some things. New banner quote, finally. And as a refresher for those who may be new to it, it works in this fashion: that big blue thing with the blog's name on it up there? The text under it is a quote from a movie, properly guess the movie behind the quote in the comments (No cheating, you lazy butt!) and after I have confirmed you got it right, your prize is a picture of whatever your sad, twisted heart desires, rendered lovingly (read crappily) in MS Paint.

Go forth!

And also, as some of you may have noticed, boydude is now listed as co-author, this is because he is funny and watches a butt-ton of movies, and also because thesis has me by the lady-balls and rather than getting the usual "omg thesis lawl, here's a pic of Iron Man molesting Batman" you can get an actual legit post from CleverEuphemism. I do it all for you people.


Erhm...anyway, without any further whatnot, here's something new:

Did I also make him co-author because he got me Indiana Jones legos for Valentines Day? It shall remain a mystery.

This is Sugary Cynic saying "Can we accept this as canon?" 'Night!

Jasmine: (To Andy) "You wrote your thesis in a month and a half?!"

Andy: *shrug*

Me: "Die in fire. Except not really, because then I would be sad. Fake-die in a metaphorical fire, with theoretical flames"


  1. Two things:

    1) I KNOW THE MOVIE THE QUOTE IS FROM!...It's like I just forced it on you or something...

    2)So you had my awesome super-duper camera and you couldn't be bothered to use it for this? =P ... just sayin' and all.

  2. I believe ALL parties associated with the final installment of this once noble cinematic enteprise should be bitch slapped repeatedly; until such a time as they cease all movement and it dawns on everybody that we might have taken it too far...

    (Except in Shia "I went to a mail-order acting school were they taught me screaming like a boybitch for two hours is acting" Labeouf's case. You can never take violence to far with that screeching donkey.


    I wish I had a funny vaguely-paramour who got me pop culture-related knick knacks. I mean, if some guy just walked up to me and gave me a broken Teen Titans wristwatch, I'd marry that motherfucker.

  4. Clevereuphemism: Cuz I didn't think of it at the time, ok? Shaddup :p

    Paul F: I knew there was a reason I liked you :D

    Simon: I'll get the word out. Meanwhile, let me know what you want a pic of

  5. Simon: ask for a picture of burlap sack people... a whole group of them. Our local Cynic loves drawing burlap sack people. It takes minimal effort, yet is way cool, and one of her joys in life. Can I recommend they the burlap sack people are doing something complicated, like, umm.... riding bicycles over a pit of lava that is inhabited by lava thriving jumping sharks that have Hitler-'staches and wear sombreros?

    Yeah... I think my work here is done.

  6. I've been all over the freaking place and finally got here to catch up on your blog..Don't hate me :( But to make up for it let me just say...That the last quote of this post nearly made me mess myself...I adore you Cynic!! NOW AND FOREVER!!!

  7. pfft, like I could ever hate you! ...But I did develop some very complex abandonment issues 8(


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