Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why I Will Never Be A Functioning Adult

A cautionary tale or me dicking around in Paint?


This is Sugary Cynic, trying to-what's that on the floor? What time is it? Better check Facebook, TV!! 'Night.

"A fellow with the inventiveness of Albert Einstein but with the attention span of Daffy Duck" -Tom Shales (TV critic)


  1. can i please use woobie, bloobie - bloo in my presentations, i've used blah blah balh before, but it doesn't really get the message across .. cheers alan

  2. On behalf of many functioning adults out there in functioning audience land, I'd just like to say "Hey, can you help me out? I seem to have lost my goat in Farmville. You can join my legions to help me slay the gargantuan world hydra, and I need help snuffing this a$$hole who keeps attacking me with his mafia! By the way, you need to repost this and tag 72 of your best friends or else bad things will happen to your kitty. LOL! I'm so bad for liking meatballs on my salad. I should leave a cryptic message for everyone to read but will likely not understand. Oh! Check out this video! I reposted it from like 20 other people, so you've probably already seen it before but I'm going to repost it anyway because there might be others on my list! Hey, can you help me out? I lost my tumbleweed in Frontierville and..."

  3. Define functioning adult, because I'm not sure that term exists in reality.

  4. Hmmm, I think cautionary tale... no dicking around in paint.... no this is a cautious not to dick around in paint! Either way I like it.

  5. Oh, I do believe we share the same thing! So much to do and so little time we spend on it, again and again till it gets done! Sign of a genius it is!

  6. I found the solution was always disconnecting the internet.

    Then begins the mental bargaining to get it back. 'But I need the internet, I need the dictionary, yes, that's right,, I'll use that. Just a quick look'.

  7. You just drew every project I've ever done from birth to now...Well, except the ones before the internet, but then just add books and comics I wanted to read rather than the stuff I was supposed to do. I turned out ok..ummm...nevermind...LOL

  8. Why do you look evil at the computer? Do you have evil plans?

    On that note, I've got, like, fifty papers to write by Friday. But I'm here. So my future hobo-ocity will be directly on you, my fine fellow.

  9. I'm confused. What did you say? Oh look a bird....

    Cheers A

  10. Tbaoo: Be my guest lol

    Jacob: I stopped reading halfway through because I got distracted from thinking about batman instead

    Univarn: An excellent point

    Patricia: Yeah, that works XD

    Ed: Right, genius, let's call it that lol

    Chris: Dude, me too! "Well I need to be on to check this one fact, or wait how is this spelled?"

    Lisa: Well, there goes my hope for the future then

    Simon: I ALWAYS have evil plans. Good luck on your papers dude, my thoughts our with you as I struggle with my own midterms. Remember, the Canadian lumberjack plan is always an option

    Alejandro: Is it a shiny bird?? I MUST KNOW!

  11. Hey, this is much to be the originating of the millennium era.. we have given to much attention to the net more than anything else...

  12. This reminds me of me of my daughter when she in a lecture and can't wrap her head around what her professor is saying, so she jacks in.
    Grate Post.
    Finding Ones Way

  13. My watch often shows that exact same time :)

  14. I wanna use woobie bloobie bloo too! That's hilarious. P.S. I wish I could get my clock OFF that time. :)

  15. I don't know if I've said this before, but you're disturbingly talented at using Paint. How much time have you put into practising?

    P.S What's your email address for the guest post?

  16. is that an evil little robot shredding up your paper - no wonder you never get to do anything, you're always distracted by us LOL. Is that what you meant when you said I could choose something and you would draw it?

  17. Functioning Adult? What is that like? I just want to say...oops got an email, excuse, shiny object...ummm where was I...oh yah...I liked that movie too...I think...what movie?

  18. Zaidi: But the net gives so much back (sniffle)

    Jessica: I can relate XD

    Doug: Maybe it's the brand of phone lol

    Rachel: Clealy I need to copyright this term so that anytime someone says it I get a dollar

    Manda: A tablet and too much free time lol. Send it to please

    SJ: yes, that's what I meant :P

    Ron: Good to know I'm never going to grow out of it


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