Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sometimes Stuff Sucks

You know what I'm sick of? Blog posts where I have fallen on my ass and need to pick myself up again. That shit sucks and yet here I am again on my ass. Like fucking magic, let me tell ya. What was it this time? I didn't get into the Japan program.

I am so damn tired of feeling like this puppy. MAN UP, YOU DAMN PUPPY

I dunno, whatever. Roll with it, make new plans, flee to Canada to become a Canadian gypsy lumberjack (they're out there, I've seen them) or alternatively listen to loud punk music until I stop sobbing like a weenie secreting liquid awesome. Yes, that's what I'm doing.

But it's cool. I've got great family, awesome friends, a pretty sweet boydude and a whole life ahead of me to screw up. So if you don't mind, I'm gonna go ahead and give myself the night off. Tune in tomorrow for your regularly scheduled silliness.

Oh Sean Connery, you always make me feel better


  1. Falling on my ass and pickng myself up is my only move Cynic...On the bright side...PINK HAIR you can HAS SOME! Screw the Japanese they don't know what they are missing in the awesome that is you. From the bottom of my broken up heart I swear it is their loss!

  2. Haha Sean O Connery as a teddy bear!

  3. There's always the Canadian lumberjack guild I agree.

    And MAN UP!

    Seriously though that does suck! All the best on your next venture.

    Cheers A

  4. ok, the dog needs a feed not a hug and sean was great in the new avengers .. :) loads of admiration heading in your direction .. cheers alan

  5. The 'puppy' picture tore me up! What a sad face...and I can hear the sadness in your words. As Widow Lady said, it is their loss. Take your qualities elsewhere where they can be appreciated:)

  6. I am sooo sorry about the japan (yah...lower case asian country)gig! You rock...and it is their loss.

  7. PLUS, you have a internet BFFL (yo) who'll meet up with you in Canada with David Bowie albums (HE IS THE BEST MEDICINE) and sand a thoroughly bucked-up dog.

    Look on the bright side. Who wants to speak Japanese anyway? Korean's where it's at. Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho and Kim Ji-woon and all them motherfuckers.

  8. Lisa: Thanks :) The pink will most definitely be making a comeback now that I have no immediate reason to look like a real adult

    Jessica: There's few things better

    Alejandro: Thanks a lot, it's good to know I can always fall back on lumberjackery

    Tbaoo: You're kidding about the Avengers, right? ...Right?? (Also, thanks, obviously)

    Mary: Thanks :) And I'm sorry to subject you to the mentally debilitating puppy picture

    Ron: Thanks man, you rock in equal measure! :D

    Simon: You are my favorite internet bffl yo. And time and David Bowie heal all wounds


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