Friday, February 25, 2011

Moon: Kinda Like Castaway In Space But Also Not Like That At All

Hey hey hey! Lookit what boydude found (you gotta clicker it):

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D (also super-convenient that none of them have their real pictures on fb so I didn't have to make them color blobs) but more importantly, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh shut up and let me have my moment.

Anyway, sorry for the lack or post, hope you enjoyed the boydude's the other night (and you thought *I* was hyper), I had a huge midterm exam and thesis and I'm still not sleeping well and I'm having Black Swan-ish issues with messing with my cuticles as a stress tic.

'Cept instead of spiraling into insanity and having possibly-imagined lesbian sex I get SPIDERMAN BAND-AIDS. So clearly I got a better deal (They were out of Batman)

ANYWAY, not too long ago I finally got around to watching the directorial debut of David Bowie's spawn, Moon.

He may not have taken his father's name, but they still share the bond of ridiculous scarves

So yeah, Moon.

Much cooler than the other poster where he's just standing moodily in front of a big spiral-ey circle dealie

So Moon tells the story of the glorious and ever-magical future, where we get all the energy needed to power the world by doing vaguely mining-like activities on the moon to extract bits of something or other and ship it back home. Well, someone needs to keep an eye on these...things, and that guy is Sam Bell, all alone on the sprawling moon base for a three year contract of doing...moon stuff. Sam is played by Sam Rockwell, who is unfortunately not reprising his other space-related role, Zaphod Beeblebrox.

I'd watch it. I don't care if you'd judge me

So anyway, Sam s finally nearing the end of his three year stint on the moon. Which is good because he's been a bit loopy lately, and his health is a bit off as well. And also all he has to talk to is robot Kevin Spacey.

Behold, Kevin Spacey's true form!!

Spacey voices GERTY, the robot that attends to the base and is Sam's only companion on the moon base. He's kind of like HAL but cuddlier and less homicidal. He just also sounds like Kevin Spacey.

Just picture this thing reciting lines from Se7en

So one day, with only two weeks left before Sam can get off the moon and return to his wife and daughter, he crashes his little lunar rover thingie and knocks his ass out. He wakes up somehow back at the base, with no memory of what happened. And that's when shit gets weird. How weird?


Nope, not gonna explain it to you. That would ruin it. Half the fun of Moon is spending the first half going "What the hell is going ON?" and the second half going "Well, what the hell is going to HAPPEN?" It's good stuff. Sam Rockwell proves he can carry a movie just as well as Bearded Tom Hanks stranded on an island and Kevin Spacey manages to breathe life into his box-shaped robot. It's tense and at the climax, heart-wrenching. This is a criminally underrated movie people. It's a bit slow to start and it certainly never "explodes" but hopefully you twits have better taste than that. They can't all be Unknown after all. So watch Moon. It is confusing and excellent and there's a part where Sam is sad and Gerty like, pets him with his little robo-arm and ohmygoodness it is too cute for words.

But see it, you know, for the other reasons too. Moon gets four and a half catapults out of five.

This is Sugary Cynic, ordering a Kevin Spacey robot off e-bay. 'Night!

(upon waking)

Sam Bell: "Gerty, is there someone else in the room?"


  1. Order two Spacey robots and hook me up I'll pay you next week...I NEED one, and I feel like until I get one, I'll never truly be *looks right and left* Keyser S....nevermind... ^,^

  2. Well, after that assessment of the movie, I guess I had better watch it soon! Sounds mysterious...and I love anything that has questions around it:)

  3. Sugary cynic gettin name-dropped like a boss!

  4. i loved the film, a great actor (yeah zaphod) and winning script and old school "cheesy" special effect models .. and yes i used to be a cuticle, when i was at school..

  5. Not seen it yet but will check it out when i can. Was very disapointed though by hitch hikers but thats just me. So long goodbye and thanks for all the fish ;)

  6. Look at you, getting quoted by strangers on Facebook! This must be how the guys who directed Stepbrothers feel!

    Oh, darn it to hell, have you been having issues with your blogroll where it only goes back a few hours and you can't get anything from a day ago?

  7. Lisa: Remind me never to check your internet history

    Mary: It's really great, be sure to give it a watch

    Ameer: Hell Yeah!

    tbaoo: It's good stuff

    baldychaz: Yeah, it sucked. Sam Rockwell was one of the few good things about

    Simon: I am so much cooler than Stepbrothers. True story

  8. I like when GERTY does the little "Tear" face.


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