Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's My Brother's Birthday, Have Some Music

He is a groundhog.

I am exhausted from writing papers and crap. Like eyes dropping as I type exhausted. Pickles. So there. Here is a bunch of really good music:

I can listen to this song on repeat for about an hour or so:

If you can get past the lead singer's awful voice, the music is quite pleasing:

This song is like a bad vaudeville show about global warming. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible:

So this song is incredibly depressing for reasons I am not fully sure of. It is also excellent and you will not be able to stop listening to it. I apologize in advance for your eventual deaths caused by listening to it forever:

And finally, there was this song in the Mechanic by Chris Thomas King called "Why Blues" and it was my favorite thing about the movie that wasn't Jason Statham's abs. But that song isn't on youtube. Here's another by the same guy that's just as good:

This Sugary Cy-*has already passed out on the floor and is drooling slightly*

(After using a label-maker to make labels and organize the drawers of Buffy the vampire slayer and Dread Pirate Roberts)

Buffy: "Can I play with the label-maker?"

Me: "No, kiddo. It's not a toy, it's a tool that your mom is letting me use. You don't play with it"

Buffy: "But you just made a label for yourself that says "Captain awesome-pants""

Me: "....That's different"


  1. but i hadn't did, thank goodness we all have a different taste in music. it's a good thing .. good selection, but not my scene .. cheers alan

  2. that's supposed to be died .. ;)

  3. happy birthday groundhog!

  4. So much love for Vermillion Lies. <3

  5. Hey, so sorry! I've been off the grid blogging-wise lately! The 16th is fine. How does it work? Do we email our posts?

  6. Godammit, I've been trying to avoid Sufjan Stevens. From what I hear, he causes mass addiction, and I've gotta wait till school let's out before I can give him my full fangirl attention. Otherwise, it's not fair to anyone.

  7. I hope your brother had a wonderful and safe birthday:) All music is great, although I don't listen to much these days unless I'm driving;)

  8. Tbaoo: Well there's no accounting for taste :p

    Ameer: I'll convey your regards lol

    Brenda: Yeah, Ryan showed them to me. So awesome.

    Robert: I LOVE IT. Possibly too much.

    Manda: Great! Yeah, just email it to me please :D

    Simon: Giiiiiive iiiiiin

    Mary: A life without music is only half a life. Half a life I say!!!


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