Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Blogoversary To Me

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!

"Why, tis the one year anniversary of Sugary Cynicism, guv'nor!"


So, even with my piddly-ass attention span, I managed to update this thing (nearly) every day for a whole year. Go me and such. And in that year I've gotten over 50,000 hits, a combined following of 363 people (ok, there's probably some overlap in those three outlets but don't spoil my day) and I've met some incredibly awesome bloggers who have become great friends that I can't picture not having. I'd like to think that maybe I've grown as a writer too but let's not get crazy. And my friends and family of course, have always been supportive and cool about my nerdy-ass pursuits:

And by that I mean my brother does this at the slightest mention

Looking back at a year's worth of crap, all I can say is that the first post is so, so, so awful. I will not even link to it I am so embarrassed by it. I mean, everyone's first blog post is awkward and stilted and "gee, I guess I have this blog thing now that you're reading. Oh, I'm being meta now how 'bout that Egypt?" In lieu of that I jumped in feet-first with some crazed word-vomit concerning Sean Connery and Steampunk airships. Yeah. And I owe it all to Shakespeare, because I started this to procrastinate writing a paper on The Taming of the Shrew. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

So, for starters, here's a look back at my favorite posts from each of the twelve months, because it's easy and my ego needs a-strokin'!

February: Ugh, desolate and barren of decent material, there are still two posts I am rather fond of: Firstly, my second Sean Connery movie review ever, the confusing and oh-so-icky romantic thriller Entrapment. Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery as two thieves whose greatest threat isn't the police but how unsettling and gross their sexual tension is:

Pictured: Stone cold pimpin'

And also back when I was still doing theme days (ok, that hurt to type), this frickin weird picture, the nature of which still baffles me to this day.

March: Still pretty awful. But I did pop my Oscar-bloggin' cherry and in a test of endurance, blogged the ever-lovin' crap out of the Oscars. Also this one Sean Connery Sunday post, only because it contains an email from this band The One-ups, who are a real-live band who thanked me for pimping them :D ...the movie review is not that bad either.

April: April is where things finally started to click and I got on a roll. Multiple and increasingly deranged Shakespeare posts, my tirade against Disney, and classifications on psychotic movie-watchers. I stay busy.

May: I was free from school! Free to play Mystery Science Theater: Home Edition! May also saw the birth of my cash cow, Old Twilight and the illustrious 100th post with a video that I urge you deeply to not watch because it is awful.

June: My job as Museum Bitch kept me busy but I still found time for sobbing over Pixar music, discovering that Will Ferrell CAN act when he wants to and, of course, Old Eclipse.

July: The Last Airbender sapped my will to live, I examined Steampunk films, and in an epic journey in four parts to find someone to replace Sean Connery as my role model.

The moral of that story was that no one could ever look as threatening in a swimsuit as Helen Mirren does

August: I finally got to bask in the awesome that was Scott Pilgrim, Sean Connery had a b-day <3 href="">200th post. August was kind of a dead month.

September: BALLOONS! Also, the month's worth of bloggery squished into one post of INTENSE OVERACHIEVING! And a movie I was...wrong about?

October: SPOILERS, BITCH! PAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK hair, in which I wrote a short story that no one really cared about but I won a prize for, and also, why you should never ever leave your children alone with Christopher Lloyd. Ever.

Next time you have sex, this is all you will be able to see

November: Notable mostly for my 21st birthday and how I embarrassed myself during it. Also, I let the hate flow through me with interesting results. Also, I learned it is unwise to write personal statements in crayon.

December: Hey guys, remember when Astro Boy scarred me for life? I do. And then we made that blood oath to always be awesome. Then Black Swan had lesbian sex with my brain and left with nothing else, I recounted the best movie-things about 2010.

January: Which was immediately followed by the worst. Then I learned to grit and bear it (hurhurhur), and engaged in a thoroughly insane quest to stalk my anthropology professor. And the best, geekiest, bloggiest gift EVER.

I'm kind of weird, aren't I? Huh.

And like (voodoo gypsy) magic, we're back in February, where the only promise I can make you is that there will always be movies, things will always be on the slim side of sane, and when in doubt: Sean Connery.


Be on the lookout for some site re-designs and other such things in the very near future but for now, this Cynic is beat. So it's convenient that the week-long blogging vacation begins NOW. First up tomorrow is Noli and her pretty pretty picture. Bloggers 2-7, you got a tough act to follow.

No pressure.

This is Sugary Cynic saying, "Happy Blog-day to me, I'm awesome, can't you see? Happy Blog-day to meee-eeee-eee, something-something penis joke!"

(One year ago)

Me: "And I'm gonna try to update it every day!"

Brenda: "Yeah, good luck with that, after about a month or so, it gets really hard"

Me: "Well now I have to. Out of spite"


  1. Happy yeariversary! You did remarkably well with the daily-updating and so on, but there's no way you can keep it up for another year.

    (come on. Prove me wrong. :P)

  2. bloom'n marvellous happy blogoversary - well done, you deserve a prize .. sorry but i don't have one ;)

  3. Happy Bloggers Day and remember what ever you do we WILL be watching! mwahahahahaaaa (coughing now) ha!

    Cheers A

  4. Happy blogoversary! 50,000 hits for a year? Wow that's like unthinkable! I have less than half of that in 2 years! :) But going through your retrospective, it's all worth all those hits. Most memorable was the Black Swan review. :)

  5. Congratulations! You're now blogging like a one-year-old! ;)

  6. Congrats on a full year of sugary monkeyshines! I know what it's like to feel the sense of accomplishment you do when you do something for a full year!

    So in order to celebrate I got you something I think you'll appreciate...that is, until I can find you a proper gift: it's a review of a Sean Connery movie! Enjoy!

    And again - congratulations, SC!!

    - TGWD

  7. Happy Bloversary, Cynic my gal! I'm proud of you for hanging in there and becoming one of my absolute fave people ever! *holds up a glass* here is to many more ;-)

  8. Happy Blogversary to You! Wow, over 50,000 visits? I can't even imagine seeing that number on my blog...I'm happy I finally passed 2,000:)

    Your blog is 'easy on the eyes' and always gets a giggle out of me. Keep up the good work!

  9. A whole year old, and not one Sugary Cynicism/CleverEuphemism crossover-combined blog post. WE NEED TO GIVE THE ADORING PUBLIC WHAT THEY WANT, DAMN IT!I hear them clamoring.

  10. I'm watching X-files in celebration of your Blogoversary :)

  11. I'll see you in hell, pedo-Lloyd.

    Now stop distracting me from projectage!

    Oh, and if you had to make a poster about Zora Neal Hurston, author of Their Eyes Were Watching God, for Black History Month (this month, as it were), and you had to make the poster unique and creative because you really had to stick it to that bitch two seats away from you who the teacher liberally calls 'brilliantly artistic', how would you do so?

  12. I may not have been there from the beginning but as you said it was embarrassing, so much so that you won't even put up a link. Glad to have got the best bits and if your track record is anything to go by - it's just getting better :D

  13. Tom: You and your reverse psychology! Now I have no choice!!

    Tbaoo: You got me all excited for nothing :(

    Alejandro: I knew that was you hiding in the bushes!!

    AJ: Thanks! :D ah, the mind-rapery that was Black Swan...good times.

    Jacob: One day I might even be able to blog like a potty-trained toddler

    GWD: Thanks so much!! Ooh, and it's Outland, I love that one lol

    Lisa: <3 thanks so much! I'm glad it gave me an excellent friend like you

    Mary: You can just come out and say it, my blog is SEXAY ;D

    Ryan: How 'bout you make a blog first :p

    Ashley: Whatever helps you justify lol

    Simon: I remember having to read that. I advise a picture of Zora Neal Hurston high-fiving God while all the major characters from the novel watch...and Christopher Lloyd watches them O.o

    SJ: Awww, thanks. See I like this, you've only been around long enough to see the good stuff :p

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