Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guestapalooza Day 7: The Abyss Stares Back And Occasionally Makes A Silly Face

And we have come to the last day of Guestapalooza. It has been a hell of an awesome week and everyone's posts have been incredible. Seriously, this is better than I could have hoped for. Last but not least, today we have my self-proclaimed Internet BFF, Simon, currently languishing in That Which Is New Jersey, fulfilling the role of unappreciated genius. And she is a genius, make no mistake. This kid makes observations about films I could only hope to think of and could only dream of writing out. Go to Four Of Them and see for yourself. Now. I can wait. I love this girl, here's why:

SO. I've been recruited by our esteemed hostess, Mme Cynic, to contribute to her Blog-O-Palooza-Matron. And contribute I did, bitches.

Now, there have been some magnificent predecessors. The Widow Lady's ode to O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Jacob's guide to a painless Valentine's Day, Noli's comics that are so badass no Paint program could've possibly handled them, Manda's unfortunate Twilight incident, and person who, as of this Wednesday writing, has not yet been posted up, but I'm sure in the comments, I will heap on the kissassery (one-word. Adjective. Deal with it.) the likes of which this Internets has never seen. You have no idea.

I sat awhile after signing up for the last day of this Grand Thing. I thought of what my post was going to be between Xiaolin Showdown episodes. Could I live up to my bluster as Greatest Guest Poster of All Time? Probably. But the question was how.

A movie review? A geek-out over all things Batman? A Sean Connery vs. Sean Connery beatdown? A post written entirely in French, that would just have been me transcribing my textbook?

And then it hit me.

You guys. I would do art.


But the journey to this masterwork was not easy. In fact, one could say it was...apocalyptic. Now.

No you couldn't. Never mind.

Here's what happened.

Happy Blogoversary, Cynic. May your Seans be Connerys and your cattle not dead.

A fitting end for guest week if there ever was one. See ya tomorrow! ....Probably.


  1. Lady, you officially have more followers than me. I so proud.

  2. in fact i like my seans ornery and my cattle cooked .. cheers alan

  3. Simon: <3 yooooouuuuu :D and your awesomeness. That too.

    Tbaoo: Ornery Seans are the best ones sometimes

  4. I like the sparkles and shine pic, I kind of got lost following the lines on the last one but I think you should at least come back and do a Xiaolin Showdowns post :D


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