Friday, February 18, 2011

Guestapalooza Day 6: Everbody Sing Along!

You ever have that moment when you wake up and for a second have no idea where the hell you are? And then you realize you're in some tiny town in Florida throwing thousands of dollars away on an education for a degree that is universally derided in the real world? That's when you go back to sleep.

The last two guest posts are kinda special (not that the previous five weren't) because the two people behind them were pretty much my first blogging friends EVER. They extended the digital hand of friendship way back when I was floundering around the internet, largely confused by things (Ok, still am, not the point). Today's half of that awesome pair of people is the Unwashed Mass, a curmudgeonly film projectionist hailing from England. On The Intermittent Sprocket he blogs about films you really ought to see, films you should stay the hell away from, and how exactly one lands a job as a film projectionist (it's a far more epic tale than one might think). He is funny and smart and deeply hates most things. My kinda dude! He also does songs occasionally, including a really frickin funny tribute to James Bond and more importantly, for today, the man behind the Golden Gun:

Well shit. That's awesome. There is literally nothing else I can add to that. *internet high-five*

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final day of GUESTAPALOOZA!


  1. LOL. That was a hilarious Sean Connery rhyme! I wish I was that good at reading my stuff. It just flows off his tongue... well at least for a stanza at a time. I can see the video was spliced together. :) Still, it is AWESOME. :)

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  2. That video made my life. I kid not.


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