Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guestapalooza Day 3: O Brother, Where Art Thou Meds?

In what is quickly becoming a trend, sorry this post is up late. The internet was down this morning for whatever reason and then there was the health fair and I gave blood for the first time. Usually when I try they say my iron levels are too low cuz I drink staggering amounts of caffeine but this time I got the all-clear and of course, surprising no one, I am awesome at giving blood. Some people were there for an hour, blood dripping slowly into the baggie dealie. I was there twenty minutes TOPS. I am the best at bleeding. Anyway, today's guest post is from Lisa, aka The Widow Lady, who runs a blog of the same name that artfully deals with topics of bereavement, loss and coping. She is also wickedly funny and an incredible painter...so it's kinda weird that she draws like an epilepsy victim:

O’ Cynic Where Art Thou!

Have you seen O’Brother where Art Thou? If not you really should the movie rock’s your mom! It was a modern version of Homer’s Odyssey done by the Coen brothers, and in the spirit of remakes I am going to re-do the movie now for you. I’ll make it better! I mean, what do the Coen brothers have that I don’t have? I mean other than the obvious gender differences. And all the success…money…ok never-mind they have a lot of things I don’t have…Just work with me.

Casting is the most important part of any movie (since I’m pretty much just going to be ripping off the writing..hey it is only plagiarism if you get caught). So with my budget in mind (turns pockets inside out) well, ummm….yeah not much of a budget but art must be MADE so I’ll steal PEOPLE too! *clears throat*
Umm, ok…Starring as Everett Ulyssess Mc Gill, fresh from her tour of her room I give you….

Sugary Cynic

Starring as Delmar and Pete:

Sean Connery (against his will) and The Widow Lady!

As the Blind Prophet we have:

Ron Reed!

Introducing SIMON as the BLIND RADIO MAN!

Making his small screen debut is…THE UNWASHED MASS, As BIG DAN TEAUGE!!!!!

And just when you think you’ve had all the fun you dare, we introduce Criminal Movies as the Sheriff!

What will happen to our heroes? They will need a miracle!!

Tune in NEVERWEEK to find out what happens!...or go Stream O’Brother, Where Art Thou from Netflix.

In the mean time...

Well, now I'm blind but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. Mostly because I'd make a sex-ay George Clooney. See you tomorrow as guest week continues!


  1. Thank you for letting me play in your sandbox! I bow to your cartooning awesomeness, Cynic! *muah*

  2. He He, Thoroughly enjoyed that. I have to admit that SC does make it look easy but there's also something very endearing about these - and I'm left wondering is there no end to your talents? x

    Except the pink cake, I stared hard to read the writing and now I've looked away all I see is pink cake everywhere. I've either been swept into a weird Alice in Dumboland cartoon or I really need to go get my eyes tested :D

  3. LOL SJ...Well, I think my cartooning skills are about to be banned by the food and drug administration because they cause vomiting, dizzy spells, and the desire to go get intoxicated and forget! LOL Thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate Cynic's Blogversary!! *hugs*

  4. I must say...as the blind prophet...I see where you are going with this :)

    Lisa - just asking...but did you draw with your elbows here?

    Love ya both - very funny!


  5. Bless you Reed...I will be drawing with your elbows! I told you I can't draw...perhaps now you believe me!

    Love ya Reed! (but I don't think my agent is supposed to crack on my art bwhahahaha unless it's bad!)

  6. HOLY BEJEEZBALLS I'M BADASS BLIND RADIO MAN! And if you think I'm gonna let four dudes in overalls swindle me out of royalties...

    Do I really talk like that?

    By the way, I gave blood for the first time last month, and, while it only took me, like, fifteen minutes to bleed, I kind of panicked and broke into a cold sweat and almost threw up. And then I got a nice card in the mail.

  7. Wow. How many more Sean Connery appearances are we going to have this week?

    Oh, and don't mind the remarks about your drawing skills. I know it takes some time and effort to draw even the most rudimentary pictures using the most rudimentary paint program in existence. That's why I never mess with the stuff. ;)

    Kudos for your efforts! I feel a little shamed that I only spent an hour writing what I did.

    No, wait! I'm over it. Cuz I'm forgiven, and I garnered the least amount of responses on this page in quite some time. I think that unlocks some kind of achievement here. ;)

  8. @Simon...no you don't sound like that, but you are super smart and I always thought what I had you say...so I had to give ya good line! So make sure you get all the money you can from Cynic for recording her song "Woman of Constant Mope" ;-)

    @Jacob...I'm paying people to comment, but what they don't know is I have no money. (and for the people I promised sex...well...yeah...no) LOL

    I give you coolest Valentines Blog EVER achievement like a cool Xbox one!

  9. Brosky. Is your email the same as it was last time we took to the greater interwebz?

  10. Very cool! The cartoons are...fun! And that cake is awe inspiring!

  11. *hangs head in shame* is telling me my toons are fun like saying some poetry has a lot of feeling? If so I swear off tooning FOREVAAAAAA! Thank you for the comment tho!

  12. @Widow Lady: I rip on all holidays with equal vigor, though I do put a little extra effort on St Connery's Day. But its a tradition for me. I blog it every year, pretty much the same. Its like whiskey for the Irish -- I can't resist it and the results are easy to predict!

  13. Ho damn, I was gonna reply to some comments but Lisa's got that well in hand, it seems XD Loved this post and the drawings too, destructive to my corneas as they may have been. Also, Simon, yeah same email.

  14. Lisa, it was so nice to see you as a guest post here:) The pics were great and of course, the content was very interesting the way it was written!

  15. I am honoured to have been a part of this. I can relate to the part of Big Dan. Apart from him being a violent, racist con-artist, of course.

    And rest assured there will be more Connery before the week is out...


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