Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guestapalooza Day 1: THESIS'D!

Holy shit you guys, Flogging Molly was amazing! We were in the very front row too, clinging to that rail for dear life as they rocked the frickin house down. Nice to know they haven't gone soft in their old age. Dave King, the lead singer, is a psychotic little leprechaun man and OH MAN IT WAS SO FUN!!

Ok, so thank you all so much for all the love and happy b-day comments on the blog. You guys are all amazing!! Except you. Yeah, that's right. YOU. You know who I'm talking about. So today marks day one of PANTS-WETTINGLY AWESOME GUEST WEEK. And we are starting out pretty damn awesomely, if I do say so myself. Today's post is special in that it is a comic and that it's maker, alias Noli, goes to school with me and as such was able to bump into me on the way to class and say things like "almost done with the last page" "adding the colors now" "ALMOST DOOOOONE!" When not making pretty pictures for my blog or creating SCIENCE, as is her major, Noli runs an excellent webcomic called The Daily Sketch, detailing her life as a giant nerd, professional fangirl and occasional superhero.

(Edit: Ok, finally got it, for a nice big readable version, just click it. And thanks to Zeke, who is awesome)

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Good to know my thesis has a use. Also I now suspect Noli may be the 12th Doctor. (Did I get the reference right, did I?)

Stay tuned for more guest bloggery tomorrow!


  1. Hi - I am too old and the captions were too small for me to read. I'd love to know what it says and I knwo it was funny...but I couldn't read go girl! :)

  2. Belated happy blog day to you! My contribution is nearly finished. And by nearly finished, I mean not started. Obviously. Friday is my day, right? I hoping the time-difference will give me a few extra hours. That's how it works, right?

    Here's to another year!

    And yes, you probably ought to watch Doctor Who.

  3. Wow. Uhmm... just wow. This is gonna be one random week, isn't it.

    You should know what I'm talking about.

  4. Ron: My bad, I suck at coding and things but thanks to some outside know-how, it has been fixed and you should be able to read it just fine.

    Unwashed: Yeah, you're Friday. You can email it or FB it to me, whatever you want to do. I expect awesomeness. In return I will finally watch Dr. Who.

    Jacob: Yes, yes I do.

  5. That's some awesome-ass shit right there.

    But, shit, we can do comics?

  6. I told you you could pretty much to whatever you want


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