Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sorry for yesterday's lack of post. Blame a visit from the boydude, for he is distracting and such. (Also my compatriots and I may or may not have constructed a drinking game for Labyrinth centered around David Bowie's monolithic package. You may never know the truth).

There really isn't anything for me to talk about. Me and my brother came home for an early celebration of his b-day with my parents (He is turning 18, making me feel positively ancient). There are rumors floating around that Robin Williams might be tapped to play villain Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises, but that sounds a bit unlikely.

On second thought, might not be too much of a stretch for Robin Williams...

In other news, Jay-Z and Will Smith are planning a remake of the little orphan Annie movie starring Will Smith's hair-whipping munchkin, Willow, because he won't be satisfied until every classic film is remade in his children's image.

It's just a matter of time, really

Probably going to see the Mechanic tomorrow, so I'll have a review of that most likely. I need my fix of Jason Statham stoically beating people up. Also I decided I had no choice but to watch this movie when I saw the poster, a large gun made up of many smaller guns.

Hmmm, I wonder what this movie is about? This poster is so subtle that it makes guessing almost impossible. It could be anything but I am willing to bet that it is about ponies.

Finally, new banner quote. Hopefully something you guys can actually get this time :p

This is Sugary Cynic, and when the movie of my life is made, I demand to be played by Jaden Smith. 'Night!

(During the most pedophilia-tastic scene of Labyrinth were David Bowie creeps on Li'l Jennifer Connolly)

Me: "And now it's time to play: How Old Was Jennifer Connolly When This Was Shot?"

Ryan: "Fifteen?"

Me: "...Yeah, exactly, actually"

Zeke: "Way to be able to spot fifteen year-olds"


  1. OMG I never twigged the header and your quotes thing, GOD do I feel stupid. Although this one I do know because I only watched the other night - Eddie boy - Mr Vince Vaughan himself, was actually the reason I watched that film.

  2. OK I saw your message :P Mr & Mrs Smith send their love :)

  3. I actually got the quote...but alas I am too late *sigh*...Mr & mrs. Smith With Brad & Angelina...oh well.

    I'm guessing from the poster that the Mechanic is not a high school auto shop documentary.

  4. Really lost when it comes to movies...never seem to watch many unless my children ask me to join them. Hmmm...what I must be missing...

  5. SJ: Awesome!

    Ron: Next time! NEXT TIME!

    Simon: *shame*

    Mary: :O life without movies?! SHOCK!


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