Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thesis Is Stupid And Evil And Also It Stole Your Puppy And Then Laughed About It

I have a chapter due. it hurts on the inside. And the outside. Or that might be from the gym, actually. Can't summon the energy to type complete sentences. I...I see a light! It's so beautiful, all of my childhood pets and various grandparents are there waiting for me...I just need to...zzzzzzzzzzzz

*Snork* False alarm! Also, heaven may have a jacuzzi. Or was that the dream? Either way, the Hulk was in it so I'm a bit worried...(goes back and reads that sentence) Whoo boy, ok, before I spout anymore verbal nonsense, I'll get to the point. AOL did this thing were they had toddlers re-enact five of the movies nominated for Best Picture, some of them were just stupid, like the Black Swan one. And some of them are adorable, like the one for The King's Speech. But the best one was easily The Social Network:

If an adorable little kid says it's the smartest movie ever, then I guess it must be so.

This is Sugary Cynic saying WHARGLEBLARGLE. 'Night!

Me: "You know why I love my professor?"

Shaina: "Why?"

Me: "I go to his office to talk about my paper topic. Five minutes talking about the paper topic, almost an hour spent talking about Batman movies, Watchmen and Community"


  1. haha love it! And thanks for the subtitles AOL


  2. Whargleblargle?

    Do you mean: Wharrgarbl ?

  3. goodness, we must have a mind meld, you and i are on the same track sort of .. good none, cheers alan

  4. Just too cute and I want one LOL

  5. "You're my best friend." That's, like, the best line in any movie ever.

  6. Alejandro: Yeah, they are necessary

    Anon: Possibly. Then again, perhaps not.

    Tbaoo: That can't be a good sign lol


    Mary: Indeed

    Simon: Especially when spoken by a toddler in a suit


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