Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Sundry Bits

Hey guys, sorry about yesterday. I'd lie and say that I was involved in some kind of high-octane, back-to-school, thesis-tastic insanity, but obviously that's not true. In all honesty, I was fighting Russian spies. They were out to get moose and squirrel.

Does Rocky and Bullwinkle count as an obscure reference yet?

But for realsies and such, this is my last semester at college (HOLYSHIT), and it's pretty much crunch time. Yeah, I didn't update last night because I was intoxicated beyond all reason (as tradition demands), but my update schedule is going to be a bit less rigid. In theory, it's still seven days a week, but don't be surprised if I'm missing a day or two out of the week more often than not.

Next! The League of Guest Bloggers has been assembled! Sound off:

1. Manda
2. Lisa
3. Brent
4. Jacob
5. Noli
6. Simon
7. Unwashed

The blog's birthday is February 12th, and the first guest post is ostensibly going up the next day. Your order is not necessarily as posted, whoever gets it done first will go up first. Please let me know as soon as possible if for whatever reason you have to drop out so I can find someone else to replace you if need be. Otherwise, start your engines, bitches, you got a month to make something impressive and worthy of the Sugary Cynic name (which admittedly, doesn't take much, but you get the idea...)

What else?

Linkage for my currently snow-bound grad-school bff, Val aka BlueHibiscus and her geektastic blog, D) All of the Above. Her latest post starts out as a critique of a Disney TV movie adaptation of a high-school King Arthur story but makes an awesome detour into the rules of writing fantasy and what does and doesn't work, citing everything from the Lord of the Rings to Blade to *shudder* Twilight. It's good stuff.

And finally, for all my fellow Black Swan obsessors out there, SNL was briefly funny for the first time in like, forever, with a skit that starred Jim Carrey as Mila Kunis's character Lily. It is hilarious. Soak it in:


This is Sugary Cynic and I've prepared a chart. 'Night!

(At a car show, after we found an old VW Bus)

Me: "If you stick your head in the window you can smell the sixties!"


  1. <3 daaw, now you're just making me blush

    p.s. I know you're jealous of the snow :P

  2. You are in the home stretch now - pace yourself and good luck! Looking forward to the February guest posts...and Happy Birthday to your blog.

    Be well,

  3. So what do you want us to write about? I can't find a post where you announce the guest thing. Are there rules? Parameters? Guidelines?

  4. I want to go last, because I'm going to craft a post so epic you'll all die, and it'd be embarassing for all the other guests to top such awesomeness, especially to a gaggle of dead readers. Also, I'm lazy.

    I can appreciate Jim Carrey's rubber face.

  5. Val: SO JEALOUS!

    Ron: Thanks! :D

    AJ: Always glad to see you

    Unwashed: You're pretty much free to do whatever, if you want starter topics (and I say that with infinite looseness, here: )

    Simon: Noted. If my face doesn't explode from all the awesome, I will be gravely disappointed with you

  6. Ah, I see. I was avoiding the true grit post cos I haven't seen it yet. I will get right on that with thinking!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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