Monday, January 24, 2011

Tangentially Related To Wolverine

The quote is from Millions, people!

It's a cute little holiday movie from the likes of Danny Boyle and centers on a quirky little kid named Damian who hangs out with dead saints and accidentally finds money stolen off a train, and thusly tries to do good things with it with hilarious and adorable results:

I promise you it is much less sappy than the trailer makes it out to be.

And since no one guessed the quote, and this is the first time that's ever happened, I get to pick a picture for myself. Cuz it's my blog, suckas.

And I pick....

Ok, maybe I shouldn't draw the first thing that pops into my head...

Not really anything going on, got readings and stuff that I'm not doing because I'm doing this.

And while we're talking about Wolverine (we were), here's a picture of Spock punching him in the face:

It's been that kind of day

Also I played the videogame Little Big Planet 2 for the first time and you play these levels with these little avatars called sackboys that you can customize insanely. Mine was from Tron!


And um, that's kind of it.


(They can't all be winners. Or about David Bowie's package)

Me: "I think we're a bad influence on each other"

Javi: "You mean an AWESOME influence!"

Me: "Well when you put it like that...Yes"


  1. What with the crazy regeneration, punching Wolverine in the face wouldn't accomplish much.

    ...I can imagine it being really cathartic, though.

  2. Tron! now there's a classic!

    He's so cute

  3. I've seen Millions, I've not been around though otherwise I'd of got it :)

    I do love your squibblies (oops better explain that one - cartoons, drawings, etc) :)

  4. Never saw "Millions", though I am aware of its existence. So glad it wasn't from a film I've seen, or I would feel like a right doofus. Now I just feel uncultured.

  5. The stuff of dreams, surely. Can't let Wolverine get too cocky.

  6. Whitewizard42: I bet that's exactly what the X-men do when they need to unwind, just take turns beating on Wolverine

    Alejandro: Isn't he? My bf has a little plushie sackboy that came with the game, too bad he doesn't have his own tron costume

    SJ: S'why you gotta check often, if you'd guessed it you could have gotten a squibblie of your very own! (ok, that sounded dirty)

    Unwashed: Still, better uncultured than a doofus! (uncultured is easier to fix)

    Simon: Heaven forbid


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