Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Party's Over

Back to school tomorrow. Fun's over and stuff. This was an awesome winter break but it's time go back for THE FINAL ROUND. And then (hopefully) I gradumacate! :D

So, please enjoy this comic thing:

(It helps if you listen to this while you read it)

Based, however unfortunately, on true events. One last thing, we now have six people down for guests posts! There's one spot left to whoever wants it!!

This is Sugary Cynic, moving to the music. 'Night!

Jared: "Famous people are always in the news for 'blowing up at Matt Lauer,' is that like, a thing? Does everyone go on Matt Lauer so they can yell at him?"


  1. talented!

    To be able to vacuum and sing at the same time.
    oh and to draw!

  2. Guest post? I'll do a guest post if you still need one. I must've missed the announcement.

  3. Sugary - good post. I am a klutz by nature so vacuuming...and vacuuming at the same time is a challenge. Your sing and vacuuming is a high goal for did good :)

  4. Alejandro: I'm multi-talented like that

    Unwashed: Rad! Yay!

    Simon: I would hope so

    Ron: If you work hard and believe in yourself, one day you will be able to sing and vacuum too!

  5. Maybe it's just defining the amount of spin and how to spin both ways :)

    Although you could invent a free spinning vacuum hose that way you could draw, sing and spin to your hearts content XD


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