Friday, January 21, 2011

David Bowie Handles Balls Like A Champ

Oh, c'mon, Labyrinth, anyone?

Watched it with the same gang from Jurassic Park, only this time it was Jasmine who had missed on the cultural touchstone that is David Bowie's Massive Package Labyrinth.


Anyway, much delightful what-the-fuck was had, as Bowie leered glam-fully at teenage Jennifer Connolly and various muppets out-acted teenage Jennifer Connolly and we were all unable to tear our eyes away from you-know-what.

It is impossible to look anywhere else. There is only Bowie-crotch.

And because I am tired, sick as hell and (most importantly) there is absolutely no way to follow Bowie's package, I must bid you good night. This is Sugary Cynic saying, "You remind me of the babe" 'Night!

You could make a fantastic drinking game based on that camel-toe alone.

(At a pizza place in Del Ray)

Adam: "Well, this conversation got pretty anti-Michael Bay"

Ryan: "Very anti-Bay"

Me: "You could say we were Bay-bashing"

Adam: "If you put 'Bay-bashing' on your blog I promise I will read it. And I will tell everyone I know to read it too"


  1. That ain't camel toe, it's kangaroo paw!

  2. for your viewing pleasure, Neil Gaiman as an unconvincing David Bowie:

  3. LOL - Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies, (I'm sad I know but I don't care)

    It has such a fab memory for me, it was the first film I ever watched at the cinema without my parents in tow. To top it all you even put my favourite song from the movie - I don't care that this post wasn't for me but I've just claimed it as mine LOL

  4. I claimed David and his package as my own LOLOLOL

  5. He isn't proud is he??? ha, ha

  6. I actually own that DVD. How the hell did that happen?? Oh, I musta been under the influence of the Bowie-package. (Like, who isn't?)


    Bay-bashing. It's funny because it rhymes!

  8. Jim: That had me cracking up. Nice!

    Brenda: Its nice to know that awesome people like them get bored and do the same silly shit we do.

    SJ: It's ok, you can have it. But only cuz it's you ;)

    Bongo: Not gonna fight you for it, lol

    Mary: Perish the thought!

    Jacob: The package is a powerful thing. And I don't judge (out loud)

    Simon: BOWIE-TASTIC!


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