Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bats, Mutants, Detectives and Tiny French Girls, Oh My!

Yes, I have used a variation on this title before. If you actually noticed that, congratulations, you have even less of a life than I do.

Ok, that was maybe a little mean. I'm a bit grouchy because trying to shake a cold before a date = Le Suck.


So this is going to be a short because I am in need of bed.


Firstly, everyone is flipping their collective shits about Anne Hathaway being cast as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (crazy people are quick to point out that she has only been cast as Selina and not Catwoman, but seeing as they are the same person, I invite said crazy people to suck it up.) Ok, so maybe this:

isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I mention this:

but I still think people are being unfair. Hathaway is a talented actress and I like her anyway, and I'm curious to see what she does with the role. Now, to do a complete judgemental 180 and say: Why the flipping hell is this:

playing this:

Don't get me wrong, I adore Tom Hardy, but this makes no sense to me. Apart from the fact that he will need to bulk the hell up, there is the fact that Bane is a meatheaded dipstick and now I don't get to see Hardy being roguishly charming in a Nolan movie anymore :(

Next! The first pictures for the X-men prequel NOT about Wolverine came out recently:

Huh...Kinda photo-shoppy looking. Also Emma Frost's sparkly bra is giving me giggle fits. Gosh I hope this is a fake

Dunno about you guys, but when I think about X-men, only one name comes to mind: Kevin Bacon. Except not.

Waittaminute, is that the British soldier from Inglorious Basterds playing Magneto? :D I RETRACT ANY AND ALL NEGATIVE STATEMENTS EVER FOREVER

And moving right along, the first footage for Sherlock Holmes 2: Holmes Harder has been released and despite the Egregiously Peppy correspondent dude, this has me excited because they are finally putting Sherlock Holmes where he drag.

It's canon, read the books.

And finally, on a topic not the least bit related to movies. Look at this French child and tell me this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life:

I will file this under "things that made learning French kind of worthwhile" and then I will find her and ask her to live in my dorm so that whenever I have a crappy day, she can tell me a French story.

That sounded much less creepy in my head.

This is Sugary Cynic, sniffling the night away. 'Night!

PS: No knows the banner quote, I win forever! Mwahahahaha!!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. oops, i stuffed that last comment up :-)

    cool blog! hehehe

    - tork

  3. And, the hippo was allergic to magic. Too cute!

  4. Get well soon. I've just finished with a a bout of the flu...

  5. Don't worry about Tom Sugar! Bane is actually supposed to mega intelligent as well as massive. Stupid Batman & Robin ruined him. I'm not worried about him at all...Miss Hathaway on the other hand... But you're right, she's an actress. I'm sure she'll be great in the end.

  6. Bane is supposed to be hispanic so I wonder if Tom Hardy can pull off a spanish accent.*spoilers*

    I wonder if batman gets his back broken?

  7. I love how the little girl demonstrates the 'fight'. So cute!

  8. I consulted an outside source or else I'd have been able to properly claim the banner quote drawing of doom. *shakes fist* curse you, tempting resources!

  9. Fassy and Tony and What-the-fuck-have-you-done-lately-dude and January Jones' boobs and Genetically-breeded-to-be-the-coolest-human-being-ever (daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, waddup) and other people. Let's see this shit.

    Curse you.

  10. Torkona: Thanks man!

    Annaliterally: Seriously, most adorable child in the world!

    Simon M: Thanks dude, illness bites :(

    Jess: Optimism! Yeah! :D

    Ameer: Yeah, I'm wondering about both those things lol

    Mary: I am going to adopt her. Somehow.

    Brenda: Still, way to adhere to the honor code :D

    Simon: Mwahahahahahahaha!!

  11. Since when was bane a meathead outside of one god awful movie that no batman fan even remembers save for the narm of Arnold's Mr. Freeze?

    This is one thing that sucks about so many new people coming into the fandom, they don't know the background and then criticize the choices made in bringing a story to life.

    Bane has always been incredibly intelligent. What made him such a fantastic villain was that he was as clever as Batman (Deduced his secret identity even), stronger than batman, and had more years fighting in life or death situations than Batman.

    Bane is a fantastic villain and Tom Hardy is an excellent choice considering they are dropping the South American portion of the character. He is a man that can pull off wit and intellect, be bulky as all hell, and still has acting chops to kill for.

    Not trying to be the stereotypical corrective geek here, but I expect people to have the facts before leveling criticism. If a man calls time dilation bullshit I expect a physicist to retort with a proper correction as well as a recommendation to study first, and this is far simpler than relativistic physics.


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