Friday, December 17, 2010

A Triple Shot of Trailer

Also known as "all I did today was work on thesis so I have nothing relevant to discuss so instead I will be snarky about trailers"

It's just not as catchy, you know?


The first trailer made it look darker, but I'm still into this bizarre story of photo-realistic animals doing people things in the Old West. Also Johnny Depp's yelling gives me the giggles. He sounds like Kermit the Frog!

Tree of Life

What...what the hell just happened? Did that fly a good mile over anyone else's head or was it just me? Why can I taste colors and see sounds? Terrence Malick, what have you done to me?

Fast Five

Whahahahahahaha!!! Whoo, I needed that laugh. That was good. Man they're not even trying with the title anymore, are they? I mean they're not trying with the movie either, obviously. You know I actually liked the first Fast and the Furious movie? Yeah. Anyway, I recommend this trailer if you're feeling down, it'll perk you back up. "don't let them get into cars" it's priceless!

This is Sugary Cynic, wishing this was Watchmen canon:


(After watching the Fast Five trailer)

Me: "That looks so ridiculous!"

Jared: "Totally. It looks retarded"


Jared: "We're gonna go see it, right?"

Me: "Yeah, more than likely"


  1. Best part of the "Fast Five" trailer is at the end when it says "see this in IMAX"... as if that'll somehow make it magically better??lol.

    Also, thesis = >.<

  2. Highlight of these was the gag at the end of the Rango one where he goes "Heeeeey! Open the door!" or summat. Made me laugh lots, for some reason.

  3. At the same time I saw the trailer for "Tree of Life" (which went about three miles over my lowly science major's head), ...well, I don't mean to ask stupid questions, but you do know this exists, right?

  4. Tree of can't type anymore. My keyboard has turned into a frog.

  5. Ashley: Yeah, like "I'm not gonna see this crap! ...It's in IMAX? Well that changes everything!"

    Unwashed: It's that Johnny Depp yell, I'm telling ya!

    Noli: Yeah, I have. Dunno about it though, the same director did a movie of Titus Andronicus and I hated it

    Simon: A frog? Or a deep metaphor concerning the strain of family bonds in the modern world?

    Oh wait no, that's definitely a frog. My bad.


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