Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Movie review tomorrow, my Teaching English as a Second Language course kicked my ass tonight. (bam, broke a New Year's resolution before it was even New Year's! That's got to be some kind of record!) In the meantime, here is a new short I've been working on:


You felt it deep down past your stomach into the pit of your very being. You were absolutely sick at the thought of it but the feeling was there just the same. You turned your head to shield your eyes from the bright light; almost sure you were going to throw up. You heaved a strangled breath and pulled with all your might, all your strength, anything you ever had in you, the horrible sinking feeling down in your soul trying its best to stop you. But you could hear her cries and feel her fingers slipping so you pulled harder, heels digging into the brittle stonework, eyes streaming, dazzled by the light. But you didn’t need to see, that deathly sensation in your gut told you all you needed to know.

“Just let go!” she shrieked, her throat raw from screaming, “just let go or we’ll both fall!”

That’s not an option.

Your grip tightens and that icy uncertainty solidifies into iron will, sickness giving way to determined, animal-like ferocity. With one last yell that rings in your ears for a lifetime you tug with all your strength, slipping to your knees, sliding on the wet, crumbling ledge but never losing your grip, everything has led up to this moment and whatever happens you cannot let go. No matter what.

And suddenly she’s up and your arms go limp, their duty done. She starts to scuttle back towards the wall. You have no strength.

And suddenly you’re falling backwards somehow, and she’s crying out again and reaching for you but it’s too late, you’re too far back and her hand just misses the edge of your coat, grasping at air. It’s too late.

And all you can see is blue above you, her frightened face fading into oblivion and blending with the brightness of the sky. Your arms are flung out to your sides like a marionette on a string, wind tugging at your sleeves and for the longest moment you are fluid in the air and in that moment you notice that the feeling, the awful, sickly one from mere seconds ago has vanished, evaporated and disappeared only to be replaced with the knowledge that the girl is safe on the ledge above and that, more than anything else, this is right.

This is the way it is supposed to be.

And so you fall.

(awesome picture can be found here)

This is Sugary Cynic, trying not to trip. 'Night!

(to my mom, about my brother's...talent)

Me: "His farts, while disgusting, do have incredible comedic timing"

Jared; "It's true! There'll be some dramatic story happening and then - pfffft!"


  1. I don't get it. Was the ledge they were on really thin, like a beam or something? Why did he fall backwards off it after pulling her up? I am drunk, so might have missed something.

  2. Unwashed: I would love to say something all clever and artsy or something but the truth is I didn't plan the body placement before the fall at all, and aesthetically, I liked him falling face-up better. So there.

    Simon: The serious-est!


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