Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miscellaneous Movie News

Things of no particular order or origin. Because I HAVE THE POWER!

This was bound to happen eventually

So, movie stuff: The powers that be have decided to make a Tron animated series that covers everything that happened after Kevin Flynn became trapped in the Grid but before Sam showed up and the events of the movie played out. Elijah Wood and Pee-wee Herman among others have been tapped to do voicework. It sounds like it could be kind of cool, but also potentially stupid. Seeing as it will be a Disney product, I have a suggestion for how to make sure this show is a surefire hit:

You know you'd watch it

Next, remember way back when I talked about the new Three Musketeers movie and how it looked like an epically hilarious train-wreck in the making? It has it's first "official" picture of all the musketeers in a row:

You need to click and enlarge to achieve the full glorious effect of it all. There's not much to be said for the two dudes on the right, but Mr. Darcy on the far left just looks PISSED. Like he'd rather be at a scabies convention then right there. I think the other two guys are making jokes about him or something. And of course, Logan Lerman, smack in the middle, a good head or so shorter than the rest, looks hilarious. He looks less like the fresh-faced, scrappy D'artagnan and more like a pretty little girl they rescued, or their mascot or something. It makes me giggle, and that is all that matters.

Finally, here's a cute little mini-featurette for the upcoming animated creature-feature Rango. It has Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher showing the unique way they were recorded, as well as just generally being silly and adorable:

I love that for whatever reason they made him wear a mariachi hat while he did it.

This is Sugary Cynic, off to fight Skeletor. 'Night!

(This is why it's dangerous for my brother and I to be left alone)

Jared: "What rhymes with fantasy? It doesn't have to be a word, it can be a phrase"

Me: "Ummm...fan of me? Plan to see? Dunno, why?"

Jared: "I thought of a show where I'm Kanye West's roommate: 808's and Roommates. And every episode is a song title pun. So I need one for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy""

(long moment of silence)

Me: "....Manatee? Kanye could buy a manatee and not realize that it has evil intentions and keeps trying to burn things"

Jared: "He'd be all 'no man, this is a good manatee. Look at it's innocent face'"

Me: "And you'd have to find a way to prove the manatee was devious"

Jared: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Manatee."


  1. If you want a holiday pun it could be my beautiful dark twisted Maccabee...

  2. That man brought back the fedora, he's a national treasure.

    Speaking of random things, have you seen the Robert Downey Jr. episodes of SNL? Good god, is he awful. The whole show was, but him especially.

  3. Ameer: Look at you with the jew jokes! How do you even know about the macabees? (I personally learned from Rugrats)

    Simon: As a fan of the fedora, I must agree. I don't really watch SNL at all, and I am now half intrigued/half worried because I don't need awfulness clouding my worship of RDJ (there's plenty of it already)

  4. edit: just went and watched a bunch of old clips of him on SNL. He was so young and so cute!! and soooooo NOT FUNNY. I blame Randy Quaid.

  5. "Emotion capture"... that film looks fucking awesome.

  6. Excuse me, I happen to know about the Maccabees because I'm a worldly individual -_-. The answer is that show Friends

  7. FRIENDS?! I have so much less respect for you now :p


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