Thursday, December 16, 2010

I May Not Watch the Watchmen, But I Do Write About Them

Watchmen: Acclaimed graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, considered to be one of the best of all time and one of the few graphic novels that snooty-ass critics will concede to calling a "book" or otherwise "real novel". Watchmen asks it's readers: "What if superheros actually existed in real life? And they were all balls to the wall psychotic?"

William Blake: A British Romanticist poet, and also a proto-hippie from the 18th century who when not writing poetry that praised unbridled passion and all forms of love and creating glorious visuals to go along with them, frequently hallucinated angels and ran around naked in his garden.

Moore invokes Blake frequently throughout Watchmen, whether in chapter titles, quotes from his poetry (specifically, "The Tyger"), or more subtle themes of duality and innocence versus experience. The character of Rorschach works as a composite both of Blake himself and the tiger of the aforementioned poem. Meanwhile, there's Eddie Blake (The Comedian) and William Edgar Bright (Moloch) who's name's make William Blake but also Blake=Bleak and Bright= well, bright, which works because Moloch=Innocence, a less complicated time when the villains were all silly and obvious while the Comedian is Experience because he is a horrific rape-y bastard and yet is a superhero ostensibly on the side of good. And I won't even get started on Ozymandias. This is important because re-examining Watchmen through the lens of Blake helps better explore Moore's intentions in writing Watchmen and why he included so many Blake references. It also works in helping to de-mystify the notoriously difficult works of William Blake for those more likely to understand Watchmen.

And that, fair reader, is my world til about late April or so. Now do that for fifty pages and you will have written my thesis for me. Thanks a bunch :D

That is also why there is no real post. Instead, please enjoy this amazing composite of all the films of 2010. There were some great ones and some monumentally sucky ones but this video makes it all look awesome. It's obvious this guy knows what they're doing and put a lot of time and effort into this thing so definitely check it out:

Way to make a lot of crappy movies look cool.

This is Sugary Cynic, watching the watchmen until her eyes bleed. 'Night!

Anyone Who Has Ever Asked About My Thesis Topic Ever: "So what's your senior thesis about?"

Me: "Um, it's sort of complicated,"

Anyone Who Has Ever Asked About My Thesis Topic Ever: "Try me"

Me: "Well, it's about this really famous graphic novel Watchmen that came out in the 80's and also a Romanticist poet from the 18t century named William Blake"

Anyone Who Has Ever Asked About My Thesis Topic Ever: "...."

Me: "...Yeah"


  1. I just made up a new game called "guess who everyone who visits your page is based on their location in the 'live traffic feed.'" thought you should know. Also, I'm glad someone else besides me's first thought is "its complicated" when people ask about my/your/our thesis topic... Also also, I MISS YOU!!!!!lol. ;)

  2. I would love to read your Thesis when done!

    Mine - "Internal Knowledge Structures and Interpersonal Relationships with the Physically Challenged and Art as Therapy"...yah, I know...right? A real page turner. Oh well, I aced it many, many years before you were that a good excuse?

  3. I'm pretty sure that wasn't my response when I asked about your thesis!

  4. I want that trailer to be a movie. I don't care how. Figure it out.

  5. Me: "So what's your senior thesis about?"

    You: "Um, its sorta complicated."

    Me: "Complicated enough for 50 pages is a good thing. Now, what is it about?"

    You: "Well, it's about this really famous graphic novel Watchmen that came out in the 80's and also a Romanticist poet from the 18t century named William Blake."

    Me: "So is it two separate topics or are you trying to illustrate the common themes between the two? Nevermind. I brought my Scott Pilgirm DVD. Let's see if it syncs up with any classic rock albums. You know, like Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'?"

  6. Ashley: Miss you too!!! My thesis is like an awkward relationship posting in facebook that way

    Ron: Actually, I think it sounds really interesting. Maybe we could a thesis exchange then?

    Unwashed: Then you can be the extra-special exception to the rule :p I will get you a badge and everything

    Simon: Dude, seriously!

    Jacob: I bet it syncs up to Van Halen's first album


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