Friday, December 10, 2010


Like with alien mutants or some sort.

I dunno, I'm tired. There was no post yesterday due to the hectic-ness of packing, last minute goodbyes to friends that turn into parties that last til roughly four in the morning (goodbyes are tricky like that)

But the good news is I'm home with nothing but thesis and a lonely Netflix queue in need of some lovin.

For now, please enjoy this link my brother sent me, where Conan shows Oprah giving the gift that keeps on giving.


We will return tomorrow with your regularly scheduled programming


  1. don't be knockin' bees! bees make honey, and THAT is a vital ingredient to good ole southern honey cornbread... mmm, bees *drools*

  2. The good news is the giveaway also included Benadryl and bandaids...oh yah...and honey :)

  3. Happy Hanakuh and junk! Even though it's a completely pointless holiday we just celebrate because of its proximity to Christmas and we really the big ones are Yon Kippur and Rash Hashanah which I can't spell so shut up!

  4. Teppy: ...You have fun doing whatever it is you do to that cornbread. I don't judge

    Ron: One would hope Oprah would be all considerate like that

    Simon: And a happy Hanukkah and junk to you too, even though it's not one of the Jewish high holy days :p


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