Monday, December 6, 2010

Holy Crap Guys, It's Freezing!

Well, for South Florida, anyway. It's about forty degrees, which is admittedly a sunny day in May for most places, but for us pussies Floridians, DAT BE COLD. I am wearing layers, people!

So the obvious way to enjoy said weather is to go on a midnight playground adventure. Duh. Rachael, Thomas and I ventured from the relative warmth and safety of the dorms and played on swings until my butt became an ass-icle. PUN. Also I learned that I am much less adept at climbing playground equipment than I used to be.

Truly, I am living in a winter wonderland.


It's been pretty dead here, hasn't it? Where'd you all go? (Excluding Simon, who is apparently contractually obligated to comment on all my posts). For reals, it's like, I log on and a tumbleweed lazily coasts across my main page. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE, MY STATS PAGE SAYS SO. Also, Jess correctly guessed the banner quote and then vanished before naming her picture prize. That is a waste of a picture. So if anyone's still hanging around, let me know in the comments section what I can do to spruce up the place and make it more appealing.

Insecure, who's insecure? What do you mean "Why are you twitching like there's something wrong with you?" I always look like this.

More other things: For those of you obsessive enough to care (all two of you), yes I did not post yesterday. Because I was gloriously drunk.

Lastly, a pre-graduation story, in dialogue:

The Scene: I am at my degree audit, where I find out how I am doing graduation-wise and if there is any credits-related crap I need to take care of before I get outta here.

The Players: Me, and DF, which are the guy's initials, but could just as easily stand for Douche Furnace. He is inept and universally disliked on campus, but is the only one willing to do his job and so at the school he remains

DF: ", you're going to graduate with exactly 120 credits, only like, four people have done that since 1999."

Me: "Heh...yeah" (Sugary Cynic: Just Getting By Since 2003)

DF: "People's of Latin America doesn't count as an International credit"

Me: "What?! But it's anthropology!"

DF: "It's not on the list"

Me: "But...but People's Around the World is, and both classes start with 'People's'!"

DF: (What his mouth says) "You could petition for it to count"
(What his eyes say) "Please please God don't petition, don't give me work to do, that would be the worst thing ever"

DF: "Ok, so lastly, you need to take 16 credits next semester to graduate"

Me: (has carefully crafted her class schedule under the impression that she needed 15) "...WUT. NO."

DF: "Yes, it's right here on your transcript"

Me: "No. I did the math, I only need fifteen"

DF: "I added it up RIGHT HERE on your transcript, you can total it up yourself, all you have to do is look at your..."

(long uncomfortable pause)

DF: "...This isn't your transcript"

(Another equally long and uncomfortable pause as he shuffles papers)

DF: "Oh. Here it is. Yeah, you need fifteen credits"

Me: *Attempting to murder him with my eyes*

End Scene

Higher learning, the fun never ends!

This is Sugary Cynic, currently the Shivering Cynic, wondering if you can give someone herpes through sheer force of will and hatred. 'Night!

Rachael: (In her rainbow-sleeve jacket with her boy-short length hair) "I look like a lesbian Rainbow Brite"


  1. Here I am, actually announcing my customary stalk of your blog. And I was quoted at the end! I feel so fantastic. 8D /day has been made

  2. I'm still amazed at the freakish Floridians who actually ENJOY the cold (coughcoughANDYcoughJAVIcough). We should vote them out of the state...

  3. Hehe. Shrivelled balls.

    And I'm always here. Even when you can't see me, I am here. You're not alone.

    That was supposed to sound reassuring, not creepy. Didn't work, did it?

    I'll get on to Jess about the picture. I have to look after her sometimes.

  4. I'm here! Completely forgot about my picture which is inexcusable. Good job I've got mass to remind me! This picture has 2 jobs... to test your new tablet, and to tide me over until the last potter film comes out. How about crumbling hogwarts, harry and ginny in a compromising position, and Mrs weasley shouting the immortal words 'not my daughter you bitch!'.

  5. What exactly do you know about "Ball-shriveling Cold" anyway?

  6. You pussy. It's been snowing all fucking week here--and not the fun, Frosty-the-ya-ya-ya kind, the kind that blows in your face on running day but you never get out of school for. MAN UP AND KNIT SOME BALL COZIES.

  7. Rachael: Yay, day-making!!

    Ashley: The tribe has spoken lol

    Unwashed: Like Santa! Or Edward Cullen

    Jess: I think I love you now

    Jacob: Every time I've ever been anywhere cold with my brother and he has been entirely to vocal about the state of the weather on his manly bits

    Simon: I never claimed to be anything other than a weather pussy, I assure you

  8. Oh, sorry I skipped you Simon M. My bad. The only thing better than what you put is if you had typed "This is not a comment" :D


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