Monday, December 20, 2010

Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

Sometimes life is rough, sometimes it beats you down and you feel like you'll never smile again. Thankfully, we have:

Christian Bale singing the Powerpuff Girls theme song:

Shaq busting a move:

My beloved Bruce Campbell forgetting the lyrics:

Natalie Portman revealing that she is a terrifying bad-ass:

And finally, William H. Macy, playing the ukulele and singing a song about getting some action:

So there you have it, five videos of celebrity-types doing silly things guaranteed to make you grin! If none of those made you at least a bit happier, then I got nothin. Enjoy your misery! 'Night!

ps. what is this nonsense?


  1. In that last video, the woman's name is Kate Micucci, she had a brief stint on Scrubs and performs with her friend Riki Lindholme under the name Garfunkel and Oates. Their song "Fuck You" (not to be confused with the Cee-Lo song) is a lot of fun.

  2. Natalie Portman kills dogs for fun. A sentence I feel strange typing.

  3. William H. Macy! He's too amazing for words. And the Natalie Raps thing is my favorite video ever. Haha

  4. And thank you for them all! Personally...Bruce and William can do no wrong :) Loved them all

    Bw well!

  5. Chuck Norris decides what time it is, and Natalie Portman decides what time Norris should bend over. Or something. I'm rusty.

    Kate MicWhatsit! I love that chick.

  6. Anon: Yeah, someone sent me a link to her song "Dear Deer" which was adorable and when I was going through what else she'd done I cam across the one with William H. Macy and got distracted by the fact that HE PLAYS A UKULELE! :D

    Chris: Natalie Portman does whatever Natalie Portman wants

    Robert: William H. Macy high-five!

    Ron: You're welcome as always :)

    Simon: Eh, you got the point across


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