Saturday, December 4, 2010

Done Is The Best Word In The English Language

Apart from maybe sleep, free and extra-credit.

So I am done with finals because this semester all of my professors were awesome and assigned all my hell papers pretty early and I took my two exams so I am DONE baby yeah!!!

Er, sorry about that one. I got a little over-excited. And I'm also maybe just a touch tipsy. Just a little.

Tee-hee and such

In celebration of my imminent freedom (I still have to wait for my brother to finish his finals), please enjoy this clip of Eddie Izzard discussing the subtle differences between British films and their American remakes:


Um. What else? Oh yes, another Inception picture to celebrate it's upcoming release (I swear it's one of the last ones, I just keep finding more!!)

See you tomorrow, when I may or may not have seen Warrior's Way. 'Night!


  1. Stupid Youtube, denying me Da Izzard.

    Yay completion!


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