Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best Moments On Film This Year

Sooo...I totally forgot to do any kind of blog post last night. It finally happened, less than two months short of a year's worth of blogging. Well, shit. Ok, I'm sure none of you guys care but if you do and want whine about it, TOO BAD because I just finished re-watching How To Train Your Dragon and I drew Toothless:

And any and all arguments have been rendered irrelevant

So, as the year draws to a close, most movie-type blog peoples are making their "best of '10" lists, which I'm not going to do because 1. It'd be redundant, as my list will have Toy Story 3, Black Swan, Scott Pilgrim and various others the same as pretty much everyone else and also 2. I missed a bunch! Haven't seen The Social Network, The Fighter, will hopefully see True Grit on New Year's Day, etc. So instead, I'm going to take you through my top 5 film moments of the year, the moments that were great and magical and made me able to continue justifying being an anti-social film geek. I will also do the bottom five moments of the year, where I cringed in pain, or if it was really bad, wept softly to myself until the movie changed the subject. And the best part is, in a Winter Cold-Times Miracle, youtube has all the videos I wanted, and I can embed them :'D Let's do it!!



Honorable Mention: Aisling's Song in The Secret of Kells

Yes, I know, I just said five, and also Secret of Kells technically came out last year. Well, it wasn't available on Netflix til October of this year and also even though ten is such a nice round number, I'm including because this song is amazing and eerily haunting, much like the movie itself. Even after watching the movie a few times, the song still gives me goosebumps:

5. Lucas Lee vs. Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

"The L word moment" came sooo close to being my favorite bit in the film, but Chris Evans is just so damn funny as Ramona's second evil ex-boyfriend. He doesn't have a lot of screentime, but he makes the most of it, and if you're saying a joke from the movie and you're not quoting Wallace the all-knowing all-snarking gay roommate, you're probably quoting Lucas Lee. I can't find the full fight, but I feel like his entrance is a good enough example of why he was one of my favorite parts of Scott Pilgrim:

4. The "friendship montage" in How To Train Your Dragon

Who knew Dreamworks could make legit good movie without pop culture references or blatantly ripping off Pixar? Well they can...when they base their story on a book. And so did HTTYD become a surprise hit as audiences with low expectations sat shocked at the gorgeous visuals, likable characters and ya know, actual plot. One of my favorite moments is a scene with the soundtrack song titled Forbidden Friendship, it's pretty much wordless but speaks volumes about how HTTYD is a very different beast from Dreamworks's usual:


Toothless, stone-cold pimp that he is, remains unmoved.

3. The end of Inception

Inception was an awesome movie on it's own. It was fun and exciting without being retarded. And one of the ways it mentally stimulated you was by not giving you a straight answer for your ending. After the job is over and Cobb is finally coming home and you can't help but wonder if he's just slipped deeper into dreamland. He spins his top one last time to see for himself, but then sees his kids and hugs them tightly, ignoring whether or not the top falls, accepting his current state as reality, even when it may not be. So is Cobb vindicated or a victim of his own hell? Christopher Nolan isn't telling and that's how I like it. Can't speak for these guys though:

2. The Black Swan's Dance in Black Swan

Oh my ConneryJesus, Black Swan-ified post-terror Natalie Portman is scary as hell, and her dance is beautiful and yet horribly unsettling. Even this brief out-of-context scene is creepy as hell. This movie was an edge-of-the-seater anyway, but when Final Transformation Black Swan shows up, the "ohmygoddon'teatmyflesh" gets cranked up to eleven.

And numero uno, as it were, is:

Spanish Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 3

The bad news: Buzz, beloved toy of Andy's and friend of Woody, has been re-set. The good news: He is now en espanol and like, fifty times more entertaining. This whole movie was fantastic and everything but I spent a good deal of time just wanting to watch more of Spanish Buzz Lightyear, who (and keep calm when I say this) I might actually like a little better than Regular Buzz. Sacrilege! Well just watch for yourself:

Tomorrow we will journey through the opposite end of the spectrum, the worst of the worst. God help me.

This is Sugary Cynic saying "look, at least I missed the blog because of schoolwork as opposed to having an active social life or something *scoff*" 'Night!

(My second favorite of Scott Pilgrim: Wallace tells Scott to tell Ramona his true feelings...sort of)

Wallace: "It's time to break out the "l" word Scott!"

Scott: "Lesbian?"

Wallace: "the other l word"

Scott: "....Lesbians?"


  1. AWWWWW I love your list. The Secret of Kells thing is awesome, but of course the Black Swan dance and the friendship montage and the Lucas Lee battle and....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my head is exploding from the awesomeness. Haha

  2. Your list is epic. EPIC!

    Dude. Black Swan should come out on DVD right now so I can post every scene forever.

    Have you read that Patton Oswalt ETWAF article? I think you'd appreciate it.

  3. Robert: The best kind of explosion!

    Simon: I'll check it out, glad you liked the list

  4. AH! Just saw Toy Story 3 last night (finally!) and spanish Buzz was SO GREAT! XD

  5. That HTTYD scene is one or my favourites EVER, never mind this year!

    Crappy New Year, Sugar!

  6. Val: I know!! (what took you so long to watch it? HEATHEN)

    Unwashed: Same to you sir! But seriously, its impossible not to love that scene. It proves you're not secretly a Terminator after all


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