Monday, November 15, 2010

You Know What I Hate?

(I hate videos that make you watch ads beforehand)

I also hate people with long-term plans. Like people my age who know EXACTLY what they're gonna do in their lives from career to spousal choice, number of kids, house they're gonna buy in the country down to what tasteful and classy retirement home they eventually rot in. Not only does it make me feel like a loser because I can't even plan next week, it's so confining! Why bother living? You may as well shoot yourself in the head* because BAM, there was your life!

*Sugary Cynic does not condone literally shooting yourself in the head because you have anally over-planned your life. Not that I think someone reading this would actually be like "well, if she says so," but my pre-law friends tell me to always make sure my bases are covered. :D

I hate fake English majors. They're out there. The guys who tried pre-med or some such and was like "dude, this science shit is hard. I will major in English because I speak English so that makes sense and stuff. Also this will allow me to talk pretentiously about Shakespeare and Milton while wearing a scarf and corduroy pants. Cuz there's no thinking in English like there is in science, right?"

Part 2 of this hatred: I HATE people who assume because I am not formulating equations or lighting shit on fire that I took the "easy" route by becoming an English major. "But like, isn't English Lit all subjective and shit? Like you could walk into a classroom without having read Moby Dick and be all like, 'it's a metaphor for social change within the lower class of Americans during the Industrial Revolution' and everyone would be like, 'yeah!'"

No, you insufferable douchebag, you have to back things up with a legitimate argument and use goddamn textual evidence to support your claims, just like anywhere else. And stretch it to fit a ten page paper. That too.

I hate in movies when they do the fake-out death. It's mostly in kids movies but I picked up on it pretty quickly as a kid and it's been pissing me off ever since. You know, when it seems like one other major characters has nobly died to save the day, oh no! blablabla five seconds later he's up and about claiming "tis but a scratch!" It's done so damn often that even a little kid can see it coming. Especially early in a movie, who are they fooling? They're not gonna make worm bait out of their main character twenty minutes in! Or even an hour and a half in for that matter. There's tension and no drama because we know that before the first tear hits the ground that bastard's back in action. There's even a TV Tropes page dedicated to it, aptly calling it "Disney Deaths".

I hate people act like their entitled to shit. Like they deserve your undivided praise and attention for the mere act of existing. These ass-hats have no respect for anyone else but expect the world to grovel at their feet for no better reason than because they think they're special.

Unless you fart kittens and sneeze rainbows, not a damn thing.

I hate racist, bigoted dipshits who somehow, upon seeing a different color skin manage to flip some kind of switch in their head from "this is a person" to "this is an inferior creature-thing I can treat like shit without consequences." How the hell does that happen? What causes someone to see a human being as an animal? You know what? I don't wanna know, I don't want to have even an intimation of the thought process that allows some miserable, hateful waste of human space to justify doing horrible things to another person based on race.

I hate when movies tell you the entire plot synopsis and surprise twists in the trailer. Why bother going to see the flipping movie?

Remember Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus? Hate her. No clue why, just always have.

I remember being very suspicious of her as a child and disliking her. For the life of me, I do not know why

I hate Justin Beiber, apart from the obvious reasons, mostly because of this:

God I can't wait til puberty has its way with him and he can't hit high notes anymore

I hate how you can't get hired for a job because they say you don't have enough job experience but you can't get the necesary job experience because they won't hire you for the job

Whew! I feel better. So what do you guys hate? What pisses you off beyond all rational human reasoning? Please share, it's good for the soul.


This is Sugary Cynic, advocating constructive ranting over spontaneous human combustion from pent-up annoyance. 'Night!

"You know what I hate?" -Clive Owen as Mr. Smith in Shoot 'Em Up


  1. I hate how easy you damn literature people make writing seem. You need to add "craping out 10 page papers" to your limited list of things that make people special.

    *grumbles and goes back to writing about the environment and society and capitalism bs*

  2. First of all, I love your hate list. I'm also in a ranting mood, so let me tell you somethings I hate.

    1. People who automatically assume you know them and how you MUST know everything about their lives. Even in a small town of 8,000, it doesn't mean I KNOW YOU. Okay. The person behind you doesn't know you EITHER. I don't care if you've never DRANK or DID DRUGS. Congrats. Get off your high horse and realize the world is larger than just you.

    2. I hate snotty/stuck up people. I'm mixed (white and asian) but who cares if I have dark skin and the town consists of a lot of Filipino people who barely speak English? It does NOT mean I'm DUMB, a RETARD, CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH, or CAN'T GET A BETTER JOB (I work at Wal-mart). This does not make you BETTER than me, so don't talk down to me just because I ask a simple question of "what's wrong with it?". Seriously, how many times do you think I have to say that a day??
    3. And, finally, I HATE people who dumb their work on others. Some guy at my job constantly does that. He works for about an hour or so (if that) and then wonders around fixing things up and when he sees someone returning stuff, he'll hand them (tonight, it was me D: ) things he found lying around. Dude, you do virtually NOTHING, you can go do your own work for once! You're not even a manager, stop acting like your the boss of everyone just because you've worked there TEN years. I could care less.

  3. Coming from the science side, I hate the douchebags who belittle your work in the humanities (or social science, for that matter) just because you're not lighting things on fire. When I give campus tours, I try to tell the kids: a) the humanities/social science majors work AT LEAST as hard as the science majors here; b) it's okay to major in something besides science here if you find out that Mummy and Daddy are just trying to live vicariously through you in pushing you to become a doctor (I try to only imply this in front of the parents) and if you discover you have a passion for cultural anthropology, well, the professors are pretty rad and no one's going to judge you for it. (Except the douchebags in the above party who think they have The Hardest Major.)

    I also hate: You, for linking TVTropes.

  4. I've never seen you angry before, Sugary. I like it.

    I hate all of the above, add teenagers who say the most vile shit about someone else, but would never have the balls to say it to their face. And I hate teenage boys who, somewhere between the eighties and now, somehow became bigger bitches than girls.

    I hate rich kids who complain about how hard their life is because they have to, y'know, study things to pass a test.

    I hate Facebook, and I hate how everyone assumes I have a Facebook.

    I hate that all the good guys are dead and James Patterson soldiers on.

    I hate Adam Sandler movies. I hate Zach Braff movies. I hate latter-day Clint Eastwood movies. I hate J-Pop, K-Pop, and any other Eurasian variation on a musical genre I already loathe.

    I hate the fact that I have no musical abilities, because Eurasian Variation would be a sweet band name.

    I hate that I wasted, like, five minutes talking about things I hate.

    Merde. Ashiba. Other foreign ways to say shit. Good day.

  5. goodness, you've had a long day...or week...or perhaps semester, or all three

  6. Jacob: I feel like that's like matter and anti-matter meeting or something

    Zeke: :p oh you can do it, I have faith in you, yadayadayada

    Nyx: That's a whole lotta rant. Just let it all out!

    Unwashed: And here I always thought the color green worked for me.

    Noli: And that is why you are awesome and also one of my favorite science peoples :D

    Simon: Good list, I hate a lot of that too. Except TV Tropes. Just give in to it...


  7. I'm too lazy to takes a lot of energy to keep your hate on, so I mildly dislike a lot of things, but won't commit the the "H" LOL I wish I had your energy!! <3 BUt I do LOVE YOU!

  8. Normally I'm too lazy as well lol, but sometimes things just get under your skin


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