Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I Am Thankful For

So most likely no post tomorrow guys, because it's We Murdered Native Americans and Shit, Thanksgiving and family time and junk, so unless I see a killer movie or just post bullshit or something, consider this your Thanksgiving post. Cuz even slackers like me need a day off. Anyway, I've gotten into the habit of posting Thanksgiving-related items of various degrees of thankful-ocity on Facebook, and then the thought struck: Why should only my Facebook friends suffer? With that in mind, here are some things I am thankful for during this Thanksgiving:

That I am not on fire

That I have not been kidnapped by zombie gypsies (they're out there)

Batman band-aids

Jet packs

Joseph Gordon Levitt


Your mom


And of course, tumblrs full of funny Inception pictures

Cat Stevens

bright green alcoholic beverages

violent cartoons

Kid Cudi's new album

Scott Westerfeld's latest in the Steampunk trilogy Leviathan:

So. Damn. Awesome.


the word askance


guys named Collins

Scott Pilgrim

blanket forts

They bring people together

That turkeys have not learned how to use automatic weapons and/or gained a thirst for vengeance

You twits out in internet-land

Hans Zimmer


All kitties everywhere ever forever

Don't act like you're not thankful for them too

This is Sugary Cynic, apparently full to bursting with all this damn thankfulness. To everyone residing in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone residing everywhere else, Happy Thursday. It's almost the weekend! 'Night!

(On my father's turkey seasoning techniques)

Dad: "I might jerk the turkey"

Brother: (barely stifled giggling) "Will it take long to jerk?"

Dad: "Nah, I shouldn't be jerking it for too long"



  1. Happy We Murdered Native Americans and Shit, Thanksgiving!

  2. I hope you had a very good day and enjoyed the i said in my Facebook status today...I am especially thankful that I am higher up the food chain than turkerys. :)

  3. Simon: Well that's a given

    Simon M.: Nothing says the holidays like a bit of cultural genocide here and there :D

    Ron: It's a wise thing to be thankful for.

  4. I'm thankful I'm not American. Just cos.


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