Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, if you guys happened to see that erm, post thing before I took it down, then you'd know that I had an excellent time at my birthday party last night. Highlights include but are not limited to:

drinking one of these things:

"Just drop it in there and drink it! We're doing it too! It's a bonding experience"

And this:

"This is green, you should drink it" Can't argue with that logic

And a bunch of other things. Then it gets kind of fuzzy until the part where I was flying down the street in Sacha's wheelchair screaming while people outside the bar cheered me on.

So yeah, good times. I still have a paper to work on though, so with that the general b-day festivities I haven't had time to watch a movie, but I did score some free tickets to the seventh Harry Potter movie, so there's that.

Harry Potter and the Deeply Unflattering Sweater

So that's kinda it, cuz you know

Yes! Finally managed to work another Inception picture into a post! What's it been, like a week?

Anywhoo, in lieu of any actual material, please enjoy this picture that is (sadly) based on true events:

What actually happened was I made Shaina say "the city is in trouble, we need Batman!" before ripping my jacket open and declaring myself Batman. I don't know why she puts up with me either

And that is that. This is Sugary Cynic, eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving (no wait, that means we're that much closer to the end of the semester and first thesis draft! NOOOOO). 'Night!

(the dad of a kid I was babysitting)

Dad: "Don't worry too much about keeping an eye on her, she's the youngest 25 year old you'll ever see"


  1. LOL - Sounds like you had a great time. I too have been the victim of the dangerously addictive Irish car bomb! Good times. - lea

  2. You fell for Ashley's "it's a bonding experience" line?

  3. noooooooo!!! I missed the drunk post!!!!!!! :(

  4. I got a little bit of it when it was still showing up on the ol' Dashboard. So, uh, I love you too?

    I want to get publicly drunk. No fair.

  5. Sideways Girl: Good times indeed :D

    Brenda: She's very convincing after several drinks lol

    Val: You didn't miss much, a lot of spelling errors and me claiming I love everyone

    Simon: ...Yeah. Being publicly drunk is fun!

  6. You should have left it!!! It's a part of History :)

  7. I kinda wanted to, for posterity and such, but I was strongly urged to take it down so :(


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