Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nothing Tonight

Sorry guys, I'm starting to feel not well and I really cannot afford to get sick before finals. I already feel pretty crappy so I'm just gonna take tonight. In the meantime, here is a picture of Karl Urban as the new Judge Dredd (prepare youreselves):

Not quite as good as Edgar Allen Poe John Cusack but they can't all be home-runs. See ya tomorrow!


  1. For the record, I loved the first few minutes of Judge Dredd. You know, right before they made Rob Schneider into Lou Costello and Judge Dredd into Sylvester Stallone.

    No, really. They were right on track with the mood, the attitude, and the feel for the movie until they started giving Sly face time, humanizing the character, and the typical, inevitable Hollywood crap that went against everything that was the comic. Does anyone in movies have enough integrity to do justice for these outside ideas they keep sponging off of??

  2. Rest up and stay well!
    I think I need to check out Judge Dredd...sorry...the cable guy still hasn't made it to my cave :)

  3. Fuck Karl Urban. Get better or whatever.

  4. Jacob: I AM THE LAW! heh, good times

    Ron: Thanks, and you're not missing much

    Simon: Thanks or whatever :p

  5. The only problem with that Dredd is his helmet is too big. I mean it doesn't fit. Is there any way this could sound not rude?


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